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Tips For Buying A Soft-Serve Machine

Tips For Buying A Soft-Serve Machine

If you decide to open a frozen yogurt store or add soft-serve ice cream to your restaurant menu, opting for a durable machine is critical. There are numerous soft-serve makers on the current market with many good features, and you will probably get confused about how to buy a soft serve ice cream machine. Before investing in expensive kitchen equipment, your goal is to consider a few primary things that might seem a little overwhelming. Please keep reading to discover them.

Things to consider when buying a soft serve machine

·        Machine sizes

If you want to buy soft serve ice cream machine, being aware of two main size categories is essential. Some soft serve devices come as floor models on caster wheels. Such machines feature from medium to high capacity and stand for two flavors or twist. For specialized cafes and shops, floor models of soft serve makers are ideal. On the other hand, counter-top models typically have low to medium capacity with one or two flavors. If you recently began to serve frozen yogurts or soft-serve ice cream, this option is an excellent way to go.  You can place your soft serve machine on a cart to save room or use the area under the machine for additional storage.

·        Electricity

220-volt electricity is crucial for medium and high-capacity soft serve machines. However, some devices only require 115 volts to operate. Regardless of the machine’s capacity, your commercial kitchen should be equipped with non-standard outlets and higher amps. Ask your electrician about necessary things for optimal functionality of commercial soft serve machines.

·        Air cooled vs. water cooled

The compressors in soft-serve machines require cooling as they consistently produce heat. This can be done via two methods – air cooling and water cooling. Air-cooled machines remove heat with a fan, while water-cooled devices need the installation of a water or glycol system that is usually quite expensive. Air-cooled machines require less maintenance and are cheaper, but water-cooled ones are less noisy and produce less heat inside the kitchen while operating.

·        Other features

Once you decide to buy a commercial soft serve ice cream machine, focus on devices that are made from durable materials. While most machines are produced with stainless steel, this material can come in different qualities. Your best bet is to search for quality certification in soft-serve maker producers.

Where to buy a good soft serve ice cream machine?

Many people wonder where can I buy a soft serve ice cream machine – you can do your research on the Internet. There are many food service equipment manufacturers and distributors available online. Still, it never hurts to check up on the customer reviews before opting for a soft serve ice cream device. If you are willing to buy a soft serve machine that stands out among its competitors, rely on a trustworthy American ice cream equipment producer, such as Spaceman USA. You can’t go wrong with our durable soft serve ice cream devices.

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