What To Look For When Buying A Commercial Milkshake Machine

Commercial Milkshake Machine

Whether you are an owner of a fast-food restaurant, a coffee shop, or fast-casual dining, you probably thought about serving milkshakes. These refreshing drinks are commonly associated with American cuisine. Both adults and kids love the classic recipes of milkshakes – with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. 

When deciding to get one, remember that your first task is to consider a commercial milkshake machine. Then the question arises, “what things to consider while purchasing such equipment”? Let’s find it out in the article.

What is the best milkshake machine?

The choice of the best milkshake maker machine for your business significantly depends on several factors, such as customer demand, size capacity, available milkshake flavors, a budget, etc. If your restaurant is fast-paced with a large customer volume, Model 6795-C is the best commercial milkshake machine. This device features automatic programs and multiple heads to save time while making shakes. If you seek more affordable or lower volume options, please see other Spaceman shake machines on our website. For those who appreciate flexibility in kitchen design, Model 6690R-C with remote refrigeration and space-saving design is an ideal choice.

Factors to consider when buying a milkshake machine

·        Initial Freeze down and recovery time

When purchasing a restaurant milkshake machine, pay attention to the initial freeze down and recovery time. Such features will make your personnel more productive when coping with a large volume of customers in a fast-paced business. A quick freeze down will be a good indicator that the machine is capable to recovery the cylinder quickly or as needed and improve your stores speed of service and profitability serving milkshakes.

·        Multiple heads or flavors

Depending on the customer demand in your restaurant and space in your commercial kitchen, you should consider whether to opt for a milkshake machine for business with a single or multiple heads. Keep in mind that some modern milkshake makers come with features to make different-flavored drinks at the same time such as spinner options – which can significantly save time, money, and space in cooking areas. On the other hand, if milkshakes aren’t that popular on your menu, a single-head machine is sufficient.  Mixing in flavors to a vanilla base is a good way to save space, money, time, and offer a wide variety of products.

·        Quiet operation

Another thing to consider while opting for a commercial milkshake machine is lower sounds during operation. These devices make some noise while making milkshakes, and it is not good in catering establishments. Focus on machines with quiet operations to ensure a more comfortable environment in your café or restaurant.  The majority of the noise should be coming from the condensing fan.

·        Durability & quality

When purchasing a professional milkshake machine, you’d better select one made from a high grade stainless steel. This material is more durable than others, and it is not as easy to rust or corrode in tough environments while making icy beverages. This way, your commercial milkshake mixers will stay serviceable longer.  You can tell a lot of the quality of the machine by the weight, raw materials are purchased per pound and add to the expense of building the machine.

·        Versatility

If your goal is to save money, buying a milkshake machine that can make several types of drinks is your best bet. Choose a milkshake maker machine that is versatile to make both smoothies and milkshakes, for instance. You will avoid opting for expensive high-end appliances but still will be able to serve multiple beverages!  Some milkshake machines can be easily made to serve non-dairy products and even cocktails with a simple chain of settings.