Spaceman Forte

Soft Serve Machines

If soft serve is what you’re craving, we have the machines to make it happen. To aid your selection, calculate how servings of product per minute, and per hour you’d like to produce and whether you want a free-standing model or counter top, then browse through the options to find the soft serve machine type that’s right for you.

Spaceman soft serve machines have patented technology to prepare and freeze product faster and more efficiently than any competitor. Our revolutionary V2 beater and PAR (product to air ratio) system reduces wearable parts by over 25% while improving product quality and overrun control. The V2 beater and blade system scrape the cylinder walls to ensure less ice buildup – creating smoother, creamier product. Simultaneously, the V2 beater helix creates a vacuum, pulling product and air into the freezing cylinder with precise product to air ratio. The V2 beater and air tube system has been tested to hold overrun for a longer period than other gravity fed systems..

All Spaceman soft serve machines outside the 6210-C come standard with our highly regarded hopper agitator. The hopper agitator keeps product in the storage area (hopper) mixed and cooled, saving precious time throughout the day!

All machines are available with pressurized or air pump option “A” with the exception of the 6210-C.  Our air pump adds additional air to your product, resulting in a higher profit and creamier product.  Air pump machines are ideal for those serving soft serve ice cream and especially to stores who plan to serve cones!