Frozen Drink Machine

Up to 165, 10oz drinks per hour

Ideal for margaritas, frozen cocktails, smoothies or other frozen drinks like hard ciders, wine slush, granita or any other slush beverages.

Key Features

  • Easy to use mechanical controls
  • Refrigerated hopper
  • Standby/sleep mode
  • Auto closing dispensing valve
  • Low mix indicator light
  • High pressure switch protects compressor
  • Low temperature evaporator ideal for wide range of frozen drinks
  • Patented Fast Freeze Technology
  • Reduced parts, smaller ice crystals, smooth, creamy product
Product Description

The 6650-C is a 115-volt countertop single flavor frozen beverage machine. The 6650-C will outperform any competitors 115v machine in freeze time, recovery time, and servings per hour.
Patented freezing technology creates quick freeze and recovery times, efficient cooling, and less energy per serving than competitors.

Pre-cooling in the hopper refrigerates product before entering the freezing cylinder, further improving the freeze down time – it also means this model carries food safety approval for storing product overnight, including dairy.

Spaceman’s patented freeze technology combined with the all new V2 beater/blade system means easy cleaning and the best product consistency available. The Spaceman V2 system scrapes the cylinder walls with precision, resulting in smaller ice crystals. The design ensures smooth icy cold product sure to tantalize and please your senses! The new C overhead design allows you to switch products and hardness levels in under 30 seconds. Multi-unit operators can choose a 1-6 setting based on product and control consistency easily across locations.

Our low evaporator temperature allows Spaceman frozen beverage machines to freeze alcoholic beverages with ease!

The Spaceman 6650-C is the perfect addition to any business looking to add slush or granita options to their menu. Its compact design and price point make is an excellent choice for night clubs, bars, hotels, pool bars, restaurants, breweries, or mobile and food trucks.


Gravity Feed

Energy Output



Single Flavor





Freezing Cylinder

7.3 Qt

Hopper Capacity

16 Qt

Capacity Output

Up to 165, 10oz drinks per hour

Maintenance Kit Refill

Each Spaceman machine comes standard with a tune up kit, brush kit, and lubricant. After that you can purchase or subscribe to receive refills.

Each kit includes supplies to clean and operate your machine properly for six months: 2x Tune Up Kit, 2x Scraper Blade Set, 6x Lubrication, 100 Packs Sanitizer, 1x Brush Kit, Ice Buster, Torque Arm.

Subscriptions are charged and shipped every six months - ensuring you never run out of the necessities to keep your machine running.


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