Spaceman Forte

6690-C Frozen Drink & Shake Machine

Single flavor countertop, frozen drink & shake machine. Ultra High Output.


The 6690-C is a high-volume countertop single flavor frozen beverage machine. Ideal for busy operations servings frozen drinks, milkshakes, and cocktails.

Patented freezing technology makes for quick freeze and recovery times, is more efficient, and uses less energy per serving then competitors.

Pre-cooling in the hopper refrigerates product before entering the freezing cylinder, further improving the freeze down time – it also means this model carries food safety approval for storing product overnight, including dairy.

Spaceman’s patented freeze technology combined with the all new V2 beater/blade system means easy cleaning and the best product consistency available. The Spaceman V2 system scrapes the cylinder walls with precision, resulting in smaller ice crystals. The design ensures smooth icy cold product sure to tantalize and please your senses! The new C overhead design allows you to switch products and hardness levels in under 30 seconds. Multi-unit operators can choose a 1-6 setting based on product and control consistency easily across locations.
Our low evaporator temperature allows Spaceman frozen beverage machines to freeze alcoholic beverages with ease!

High volume operations can reply on the 6690-C to serve milkshakes, smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, margaritas, or other frozen cocktails. Patented freezing technology makes for a fast recovery time in the 7.3qt cylinder, producing 90 quarts per hour, or 360 x 8oz drinks.

Additional information

Weight 307 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 33 in