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5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Frozen Drink Machine

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Frozen Drink Machine

If you decide to add delicious Margarita or frozen coffee to your restaurant’s menu, it’s time to think about a professional frozen drink machine. However, you might get confused with the diversity of options available on the market. Different devices come in different sizes, make other drinks, feature various settings, etc. Check out the article below to determine the best machine to make frozen drinks to suit your needs.

#1 What can a frozen drink machine make?

First, decide what kind of frozen drinks you are going to serve. If you focus on alcoholic beverages, you must have a liquor license and a specific frozen drink maker machine designed to freeze alcohol. On the other hand, milkshakes and smoothies also require special equipment and should comply with food safety requirements. In addition, choose a suitable size after you select a machine to make frozen drinks you intend to serve.

#2 What frozen drink machine features should you consider?

· Auto-fill features

Take into account that some frozen alcoholic drink machines are equipped with technologies capable of automatically refilling the reservoirs from a determined source. This feature is nice to have if your restaurant is busy, so staff can fill a larger tank less often. 

· Maintenance & cleaning

Consider how much time you expect to spend on the portable frozen machine’s upkeep. Some devices feature fewer details for more straightforward cleaning, while others come more complex.

· Casters for mobility

For some business owners, mobility makes sense because of night kitchen cleaning. If the cleaning scheduling is similar in your restaurant, the best frozen machine must feature the casters to move bulky devices effortlessly.

#3 How will the machine be financed?

Before investing in the best frozen drink maker, remember that this kitchen appliance is genuinely expensive. You might refer to the flexible financing options from your distributor to launch your frozen drink program. Such offers are generally more advantageous than getting a business loan.

#4 Where will the frozen drink machine be installed?

Another vital factor is the model and size of a drink machine to make different drinks. There are both countertop and floor-fit models, so consider the space in your commercial kitchen and the customer volume. One more important thing – most frozen drink machines require 220 V electricity. Check out electricity at your restaurant before purchasing equipment to make icy beverages, and update with a licensed electrician if needed.

#5 Are machines profitable?

The truth is that a frozen drink restaurant program might become highly successful and make significant revenue. However, some factors, including marketing strategy, selection of the products, and prices, can make a difference between your waste and profit. Nevertheless, if you offer unique frozen drink recipes, you can stand out among other competitors in the market very soon.

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