Spaceman Forte

Frozen Beverage Machines

If you want to make milkshakes, frozen cocktails, slushies, or frozen margaritas, you’ve found the right page. Our state-of-the-art frozen beverage machines will do the job right every time.  Unlike clear bowl granita machines, our frozen beverage machines freeze down in 6-12 minutes depending on the model, and produce a minimum of 5 gallons per hour all the way up to 30 gallons per hour, continuously.  Just pour more of your favorite pre-mixed beverage into the hoppers when the indicator low level light goes on!

Spaceman margarita machines include refrigerated hopper cooling and standby mode. A hopper agitator periodically mixes the product that is being stored in the refrigerated hopper to keep product evenly cooled, and avoid ice buildup around hopper walls.