Frozen Yogurt Birthday Parties are the Newest Craze!

Just about every kid in America has cake and ice cream on his or her birthday. But it’s such a chore for mom and dad to 1) order a birthday cake ahead of time, 2) pick up the cake the day of the party, 3) go to the grocery store and buy ice cream, 4) figure out how to squeeze all the ice cream into an already packed freezer at home, 5) quickly cut the cake, scoop individual servings of ice cream, and 6) pass plates to a large crowd of hungry kids!

These days, this traditional birthday party responsibility can be replaced by a “Frozen Yogurt Birthday Party” that literally takes place at a frozen yogurt shop!

Many frozen yogurt shops (both franchises and independently owned) are offering ¬†their shops and their frozen yogurt machines for birthday parties. Each shop offers something slightly different, but in most cases, guests are able to operate the shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines – which is always a fun experience.

Which Frozen Yogurt Franchises offer Frozen Yogurt Birthday Parties?
It would be impossible for us to list ALL of the frozen yogurt shops in the United States that offer birthday party packages that include the use of their soft serve machines, but following is a sample of a few:

Brrrberry – The Frozen Yogurt Bar: Brrrberry offers more than one option for birthday parties, but both options involve the use of the shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines and private use of the shop for half an hour before it opens to the public any day of the week.

Just Chill Frozen Yogurt: This froyo shop allows birthday party hosts to invite as many guests as they want. These guests are then allowed to eat as much as they can from the shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines for a full hour for a set price per person.

The Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar: The Skinny Dip has two birthday party options – “The Big Dipper” and “The Little Dipper.” Both involve frozen yogurt from the shop’s frozen yogurt machines as well as free frozen yogurt for the child celebrating the birthday.

Not Just Yogurt: Guests attending a birthday party at Not Just Yogurt enjoy as much frozen yogurt as they can serve themselves from the shop’s soft serve machines for a full¬† hour as well as unlimited toppings. If the party host requests it, there is also an option to serve pizza to the attendees.

If you are thinking of owning a frozen yogurt shop, or if you already own or manage one, why not add a birthday party option? It’s a great way to get your soft serve frozen yogurt machines working overtime!

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