Thinking of Opening a Soft Serve or Frozen Yogurt Franchise?

If you are thinking about opening a frozen yogurt franchise, you are not alone. In fact, we receive calls every single day from people who know the frozen yogurt industry is hot right now. I suppose “hot” is not necessarily the right word to describe frozen yogurt. So, why don’t I describe it like this: The frozen yogurt industry is absolutely NOT frozen.

We are always happy to answer the questions posed by prospective frozen yogurt franchise owners. But we’d like to point out that there are several places to go for additional information about frozen yogurt shops. For example, a company called Franchise Help which has been in business for 15 years, provides guidance, tools, and expert advice to individuals who want to open a franchise of their own. To start, Franchise Help offers step-by-step guidance that helps people choose the right type of franchise. Next, the company helps narrow down the specific franchise a person should select. Finally, Franchise Help provides assistance with getting in touch with the correct organization and/or specific franchise to get the purchase process started.

Franchise Help recently published an article titled, “Frozen Yogurt Industry Analysis 2014 – Cost & Trends.” This article provides expert insight into the current state of the frozen yogurt industry. Also, it makes predictions as to how the industry will evolve in the near future.

Following are some interesting facts taken from the article:

– Because frozen yogurt is a hybrid between traditional ice cream and healthier yogurt-based products, it’s an “innovative way for customers to have their cake and eat it too.”

– Despite the decline in the popularity of yogurt shops in the 1990s, frozen yogurt has made a huge comeback. This comeback is no doubt due to the development of new and original flavors, to the introduction of an extensive selection of toppings, and to the implementation of the self-serve concept. Also many frozen yogurt shops are now designed to resemble coffee shops which is highly enticing to customers.

– Today’s frozen yogurt shops focus on diet-friendly and health-conscious options, which are a huge hit with customers. Instead of trying to make their frozen yogurt resemble and taste like soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt franchises are branching out, offering non-typical (tangier, tarter and lighter) flavors that have been met with huge fan-fare.

– Customers enjoy the modern environment and ambiance that today’s frozen yogurt shops offer. Many have WiFi, live entertainment, couches and comfy chairs, and flat screen televisions that show local sports events and/or popular television programs.

According to Franchise Help, frozen yogurt franchises have plenty of opportunities to feature more than just one product.

For example, as a frozen yogurt franchise owner, you may wish to offer the following in addition to frozen yogurt:

• Soft serve ice cream
• Hand scooped ice cream
• A coffee and espresso bar
• Baked goods
• Birthday cakes and/or pies
• Smoothies

If you are considering opening a frozen yogurt franchise, we’d like to hear from you. What are your biggest concerns? What methods are you using to determine which franchise you will ultimately select?

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  1. Hello. My name is Daniel. I’m from Tel Aviv Israel , Middle East
    Looking to open my own self using frozen yogurt store but in same thinking to take the franchise of existing company.

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