Proper Maintenance for Frozen Yogurt Machines

Any machine requires good maintenance if it to function properly. Frozen yogurt machines should always be properly maintained. This is to make sure that they stay functional and in good condition. A well maintained machine also means better product and better products equal to better yield as a business. The right maintenance can also increase the capacity of the machine. There is so much stuff that accumulates in the machine and this reduces the capacity of the machine.

The right maintenance is also required to make sure that the machine parts stay in good condition. Like all other machines, the frozen yogurt maker breaks down too. This can be caused by part of the machine wearing out too soon. This is why regular maintenance must be provided. Looking after the machine also means that you save up on money eventually. Good maintenance means there is no need to keep replacing parts. This saves money.

Part of maintenance of frozen yogurt machines includes replacing the scraper blades. A machine that has plastic blades should have them replaced after about four months. One with metal blades can get replacements every six moths. The blades are an important part of the frozen yogurt machine. If the blades are not functioning properly it means that the yogurt mix is not getting churned right. This affects the quality of the frozen yogurt.

When buying a frozen yogurt machines, there are some instructions that are included in the manual on how to provide maintenance for the machine. Here are some of those tips;

  • The product should be drained from the machine and the machine cleaned after every three days. Machines should also be sanitized regularly. Yogurt mix should never be reused.
  • The machine should never be run while it’s empty. This will only serve to damage the interior parts.
  • Wearable parts should always be replaced after the recommended time.
  • O-rings and other movable parts should be well lubricated. The right product should be used for this.
  • The mix that goes into the machine should always be cold.
  • The machine should always be checked for leaks. A leak in the overflow drain would mean a seal is broken.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the maintenance of frozen yogurt machines. If the yogurt mix is supposed to remain on the hopper overnight, then it must be kept at a certain temperature. Some machines regulate this temperature automatically. Seals or O-rings that have been broken should be replaced as soon as possible.

When sanitizing the machine, there are specific products that should be used. The machine is not supposed to be rinsed after sanitization. There are also specific brushes that can be used when washing the machines. These brushes should be kept clean at all times. It is important to know what sort of measures to take when it comes to the maintenance of the frozen yogurt machine. An inspector can always be called in to provide the right kind maintenance. Getting someone with the professional knowledge is always recommended. Even then, there are some things that the owner can take care of themselves without calling in the cavalry.