Just a Few Reasons Frozen Yogurt is FUN

No matter what, you have to admit that frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream can be described as “fun.” But why is this particular word used so often to describe these frozen treats? We decided to ask a few fans exactly why they think frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream are fun, and here’s what they had to say:

“I love going to my favorite frozen yogurt shop so much because I think it’s so much fun when the people working there give me little sample cups as I’m walking through the door. It’s fun to try all of the flavors in the frozen yogurt machines and decide which ones I like the best.”

“It’s fun to bring my kids to our favorite frozen yogurt shop. I love how excited they get when they get to use the soft serve machines themselves. They always add the flavors they want, and watching them pick out their toppings is the best. Sometimes I have to remind them to take it easy on the toppings because they’d fill the entire cup to the brim if I let them!”

“My favorite thing about eating soft serve is watching the person behind the counter operate the soft serve ice cream machine. I’ve tried many times to create the same perfect swirl when I’ve used the machines myself, but I’ve never been able to do the same way. It’s fun to watch them move the cone around so the soft serve sits perfectly on top. I really don’t know how they do it!”

“It’s great fun taking our grandchildren out for frozen yogurt when they come to visit us. We live very close to a frozen yogurt shop. Every time our grandchildren come over, the first thing they ask is ‘what time are we going out for frozen yogurt?’  It gives us a lot of pleasure to see our grandchildren enjoying the soft serve frozen yogurt machines and creating unique desserts themselves. We know they’ll remember our fun trips to eat frozen yogurt for the rest of their lives!”

“We go to our favorite frozen yogurt shop all the time because it’s close to our school. It seems like everyone goes there at least one day a week after school. It’s fun watching our friends choose their flavors from the soft serve machines. None of us like the same exact flavor combinations! We like to hang out there after school and we always see someone we know when we go there on the weekends!”


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