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Spaceman’s Versatile Soft Serve Machine Solutions

single phase and three phase compatibility
compatibility of a commercial soft serve machine with both single-phase and three-phase electrical power

In the commercial foodservice industry, operational efficiency and equipment compatibility are paramount. Spaceman’s single-phase soft serve machines offer a groundbreaking solution that caters to businesses with either single-phase or three-phase power, ensuring seamless integration and ease of use in any setting.

The Challenge of Power Compatibility

Many commercial spaces are equipped with single-phase power, which is standard in most locations. However, three-phase power, while less common, is known for its efficiency and is often used in spaces with heavier power demands. The challenge arises when businesses wish to install equipment that doesn’t match their existing power infrastructure.

Spaceman’s Ingenious Solution

Spaceman’s soft serve machines are designed with a unique advantage: they come equipped with single-phase power requirements but are engineered to harness the efficiency of three-phase motors using an integrated inverter. This innovative design allows Spaceman machines to operate effectively in establishments with either power setup.

Benefits in a Single-Phase Environment

In environments with single-phase power, Spaceman machines are plug-and-play, requiring no special configurations or electrical upgrades. The built-in inverter converts the single-phase input into three-phase power, enabling the machine’s motor to operate with the efficiency and performance characteristics typical of three-phase machinery. This means operators can enjoy the benefits of a high-performing, energy-efficient soft serve machine without the need for costly electrical modifications.

Advantages in a Three-Phase Environment

For locations with existing three-phase power, Spaceman machines can still operate effortlessly. The machine’s compatibility ensures that it can adapt to the available power source, providing flexibility and convenience for the operator. This adaptability makes Spaceman soft serve machines a future-proof choice, capable of moving between locations with different power setups without any operational issues.

Ease of Use and Operational Benefits

Spaceman’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in their soft serve machines. Operators can expect straightforward installation, intuitive controls, and reliable performance, regardless of the power supply type. Additionally, the energy efficiency of three-phase motors, combined with the convenience of single-phase compatibility, translates to cost savings and operational efficiency for businesses.


Spaceman soft serve machines represent a smart investment for foodservice operators seeking flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use. Whether your establishment is equipped with single-phase or three-phase power, Spaceman’s innovative design ensures that you can offer high-quality soft serve without worrying about power compatibility or facing additional installation costs. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Spaceman and watch your business grow, scoop by scoop.

Choosing Spaceman means opting for a solution that provides peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is designed to adapt and perform optimally in any commercial environment.