Frozen Yogurt Available at Airports Around the World!

A press release distributed by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) in 2012 stated, “The Federal Aviation Administration released its annual forecast today projecting airline passenger travel will nearly double in the next 20 years.” Additionally, “According to the forecast, the total number of people flying commercially on U.S. airlines will increase by 0.2 percent to 732 million in 2012, then to 746 million in 2013, and then increase more rapidly to 1.2 billion in 2032. The aviation system is expected to reach one billion passengers per year in 2024.”

How do these statistics impact the frozen yogurt industry? Many of the busiest airports in the United States (and around the world) contain at least one frozen yogurt shop, and many in-airport restaurants also offer frozen yogurt on their menus.

Anyone who has ever traveled by air knows that waiting for flights can be very time-consuming. Even when flights are on time, passengers have to be at the airport at least an hour or two before their flight is scheduled to depart. When there are flight delays, additional wait times can be significant. When people are waiting in airports for extended periods of time, they tend to get hungry. They also become bored. What do they do to satisfy their hunger or pass the time? They eat. If they did not bring food along with them, they must purchase it from airport shops or restaurants.

Frozen Yogurt is a Healthy, Refreshing Snack at the Airport
Desiring a healthy, light snack such as frozen yogurt while waiting for a flight in an airport is extremely common, and this type of snack is growing in popularity. It is not surprising that airport shops and restaurants are adding frozen yogurt machines at a rapid pace.

According to a list of the “Busiest U.S. Airports by Total Passenger Boardings” published by Wikipedia, following are the top ¬†10 – – and we’ve added the location of frozen yogurt shop(s) in each as of February 2014:

  1. Atlanta International Airport: Pinkberry inside of Terminal A
  2. Chicago O’Hare International Airport: Red Mango inside of ¬†Concourse B
  3. Los Angeles International Airport: Pinkberry inside of Terminal 1
  4. Miami International Airport: Haagen Dazs (featuring ice cream and frozen yogurt) inside of Terminal D
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: Red Mango inside of Terminals A, C and D
  6. Denver International Airport: TCBY inside of Concourses B and C, and in main Terminal, Columbo Frozen Yogurt inside of Terminal B
  7. John F. Kennedy International Airport: Red Mango inside of Terminal T
  8. San Francisco International Airport: Pinkberry inside of Terminal 2
  9. Charlotte/Douglas International Airport: TCBY inside of Concourse C, Pinkberry inside of Concourse D
  10. McCarran International Airport – Las Vegas: TCBY inside of Concourse D

The above list of airports and their corresponding frozen yogurt shops is not exhaustive! There are many other frozen yogurt shops and restaurants that offer frozen yogurt within the abovementioned airports as well as a large majority of airports throughout the world. So if you’re in an airport at some time in the near future, and if you’re hungry… frozen yogurt might be a great snack option that is easy to find.

Have you recently been in an airport where frozen yogurt was sold? Please add the airport name, type of store/restaurant and its location to our list by leaving a comment!

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