Use Your Commercial Frozen Yogurt Equipment for Charity

Did you know you can use your commercial frozen yogurt equipment for charity and make a kid smile, plant a tree, or help a local farmer in the food chain? The community surrounding your frozen yogurt shop is your life’s blood. These are the people who will purchase from you time and time again. Involving your frozen yogurt company with charity events can provide many more long-term benefits than simply money.

Primary Sponsor of Fundraising Events

Your community needs you! There are plenty of places where your you and your frozen yogurt shop can work its way into the community. For example, imagine the exposure that the folks at FroYo are getting in Mesa, AZ as a result of their FroYo 5k that goes to benefit the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

We’ve talked a little bit about cobranding with other companies to offer two dynamic products in the same place. What about teaming up with a charity like the Diabetes Association? El Paso’s Craze Yogurt has done just that: teaming up with the El Paso Diabetes Association for an event where they highlight just what their commercial frozen yogurt equipment can do.

We’re betting that there are many froyo for charity places out there, but we did want to highlight 16Handles, a franchise which has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant 16 trees every single day. To date, this frozen yogurt chain has planted over 150,000 trees.

Local Events

It’s not necessary to be part of a large multinational cause to be involved with the community. There are some frozen yogurt places out there who just want to make the world a better place for a few people. Just the thought of my local froyo place bringing in treats brightens my day.

A local Chicago area frozen yogurt business was closing for the season, so the owner decided to give her excess to the local alternative to state-run foster care, Lydia House. The owner started as a volunteer and now gives back as a business owner.

Regular Giving

Rather than devote their attention to global charities, local events, or partnerships, there are some frozen dessert places which have institutionalized their giving. They believe that giving to their local charities is part of making the world a better place. By thinking locally, they are affecting the world around them.

One franchise, Stewart’s, has embedded corporate giving and charity right into the fabric of their company culture. They give to many places, offer fundraisers, and encourage others to heartily give to their communities.

We know as much as you that there are excellent charities dotted throughout every community. Giles Frozen Custard devotes a portion of its proceeds to a different charity each month. This month, it’s the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, but there’s no telling what it might be next month.

Giving back to the local communities with your frozen yogurt equipment not only brings smiles to faces, but truly pays dividends in the form of exposure, goodwill, and warmth within that community. There are many charities out there in your local area which need your help.


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