Tips for Choosing the Best Soft Serve Freezer

If you are thinking about purchasing a soft serve freezer, you want to make a great choice. There is not one specific soft serve freezer model that will work well for every single frozen yogurt shop, ice cream store, convenience store, or restaurant. All of these types of establishments have different requirements, size restrictions, and anticipated customer usage. Therefore, the way to make sure you select the best soft serve freezer is to evaluate your needs and compare them with the assets and capabilities that various soft serve freezers have to offer. Then, you will have the knowledge to choose the best possible soft serve freezer that will meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations.

How big? Before you can narrow down your soft serve freezer options to a few choices, you should make a decision on where the machine will be placed. If the space is restrictive, you can automatically eliminate larger-sized soft serve freezers. If you have ample space, you will have to use other factors to narrow down your options.

How much will you need? Will you be serving more than soft serve at your establishment? In other words, are you opening a frozen yogurt shop or ice cream store that will focus solely on soft serve, or is the soft serve freezer going to be used as a supplement to your existing business? Depending on your shop’s focus, you may need a soft serve freezer that will serve a large crowd, or you might need one that has a smaller capacity.

How easy? If you will be relying on store employees to run, maintain, re-fill and clean your soft serve freezer, you will want to select a model that is easy to use. Teaching inexperienced employees how to operate a simple soft serve freezer is much easier than teaching them to use a complicated piece of equipment.

How many flavors? You might want a soft serve freezer that produces one flavor at a time. But, you also might want a soft serve freezer that can hold two flavors. These are important considerations – especially if the soft serve freezer will be used in an establishment in which customers might want swirled flavors.

How to do everything else? Customer service is extremely important when it comes to soft serve freezers. If you are not a soft serve freezer whiz, and you think you might need occasional (or frequent) help with the soft serve freezer, it’s important to select a brand that is synonymous with excellent customer service.

Need help deciding? Spaceman USA is one of the most reputable soft serve equipment manufacturers in the industry. Customer service representatives at Spaceman USA are happy to talk with you about your soft serve freezer options – and will help you make the best possible decision on which model to purchase

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