The ICEE Frozen Beverage Dispenser Was Invented More than 50 Years Ago

You’ve seen it at movie theaters, you’ve seen it at amusement parks. You’ve seen it in countless other places too. What is it? It’s the ICEE.

Anywhere an ICEE frozen beverage dispenser exists, you can be sure there are kids begging their parents for this special frozen treat. With popular flavors like cherry and blue raspberry, the ICEE is a traditional American favorite!

History of the ICEE
According to ICEE’s website, the ICEE was invented in the 1950s by a man named Omar Knedlik, who owned a Dairy Queen in Coffeyville, Kansas. He wanted to provide his customers with frozen soda because his store did not have a soda fountain. He decided to put bottles of soda in the freezer before serving them to customers. Lo and behold, the frozen bottles of soda were a hit! Consequently, Mr. Knedlik came up with the idea for a frozen beverage dispenser that would create and dispense a frozen carbonated beverage. It took him five years to build a machine to achieve his goal – which became the very first ICEE machine. By the mid-1960s, approximately 300 ICEE frozen beverage dispensers were manufactured.

More Fun Facts about the ICEE:

  • Today, the ICEE headquarters is located in Ontario, California.
  • ICEE has more than 100 service centers across America.
  • The three top ICEE flavors are cherry, blue raspberry, and cola (and cola was the very first flavor).
  • According to ICEE’s website, approximately 500,000,000 ICEEs are sold every year.
  • ICEEs are not available in a sugar-free variety because sugar is a necessary component in the freezing process.
  • Want to know where you can purchase a delicious ICEE in the United States? Simply visit the ICEE website and click on the “Locations” tab. Enter a state or zip code, and viola! You will be provided with a list of local establishments that sell this delicious frozen beverage!

Where Can I Purchase Frozen Beverage Equipment?
The ICEE is an incredibly popular and successful frozen beverage that is well-known as a favorite around the world. But while an ICEE machine is the perfect type of frozen beverage equipment for specific locations, it’s not necessarily the best option for all restaurants, convenience stores, or other establishments. There are many types of frozen beverage dispensers available on today’s market, and each one offers unique features. For example, the Spaceman 6690 Frozen Beverage Freezer is a single-flavor, countertop frozen beverage machine that allows you to vary a menu by offering shakes, smoothies,  frozen cocktails, fruit juices, coffees, cappuccino, tea, and slush beverages – all dispensed at your desired thickness.

Can I Lease a Frozen Beverage Dispenser?
Absolutely! Leasing is a popular option for frozen beverage equipment. Think you might want to try adding a commercial frozen beverage machine to your restaurant or store just to test just how profitable it will be? Give SpacemanUSA a call today at (888) 610-5520 and we will put you in touch with a sales representative in your area who will answer all of your questions.

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