Commercial Soft Serve Machines Provide the Perfect Treat on Halloween

Your shop’s commercial soft serve machines will come in very handy on October 31! Is your shop planning to stay open on Halloween night? If not, you might want to re-consider. Keeping your doors open on the night of Halloween can do wonders for your business. Just take a look at the attention Chipotle receives […]

Decorating Your Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machines for Halloween

It’s absolutely possible to decorate your commercial frozen yogurt machines and your frozen yogurt shop for Halloween with just a little bit of effort. You can decorate your shop and your machines for any holiday, but Halloween is just a few weeks away. Therefore, focusing on ghost, goblins, witches, or any other Halloween-related character is […]

Psychology 101: Does the Design of a Frozen Yogurt Shop Make a Difference?

An interesting article recently appeared on that discussed the psychological tricks that frozen yogurt shops around the world are using to help encourage repeat visits from customers. When it comes to designing a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream shop, many factors come into play. From the type of soft serve frozen yogurt […]

Color-Changing Cups Available for a Limited Time at Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt!

What will they think of next? Just when you can’t imagine anything more fun and exciting than a frozen yogurt shop that’s equipped with several soft serve frozen yogurt machines stocked with unique and delicious flavors – something new is introduced. But this time it doesn’t have to do with tasty flavors, a well-stocked toppings […]

Want to Give Dad a Great Gift on Father’s Day?

Everyone wants to give their dad the perfect gift on Father’s Day. But how many ties, shirts, or hats does a man need? Besides, does he really like receiving such gifts on his special day? Father’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. On Sunday, June 15th, men across America will be spending the […]

A Few Things Typical Customers Like Best About their Favorite Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are a thinking about opening a new frozen yogurt business or if you are a current frozen yogurt shop owner, you may have wondered why people choose specific froyo shops over others – and then label those shops as their favorites. Why do some people prefer Pinkberry over Yogurtini, or why do some […]

To Eat Frozen Yogurt or to Eat Hard Ice Cream… That is the Question!

When faced with the debate over whether to go out for frozen yogurt or for regular old- fashioned ice cream, deciding which to choose can be difficult. Frozen yogurt and regular ice cream are both cold, refreshing, and delicious treats. But deciding which to select is not always easy. For the purpose of this article, […]

Frozen Yogurt Cup Dividers are a Great Invention!

Frozen Yogurt DividerMany frozen yogurt shop owners already know about frozen yogurt cup dividers. But despite their growing popularity, there are still some shop owners who have not heard of them. This blog article is dedicated to both FroYo shop owners and FroYo fans who have never before seen this incredibly innovative (yet surprisingly simple) creation. Have […]

Evaluate Frozen Yogurt Machine Options Before Making a Selection

When you put time, effort, and money into opening a new soft serve business, you want to make sure that it is poised for success from the get-go. There are dozens of factors that should be taken into consideration prior to opening a soft serve shop or adding a soft serve ice cream machine to […]

Will Groupon or other On-Line Group Coupons or “Deals” Help You Promote Your Frozen Yogurt Machines and Frozen Beverage Dispenser?

Groupon stands for “Group Coupon.” Groupon is a company with a mission “…to become the world’s commerce operating system. By connecting buyers and sellers through price and discovery, we have the opportunity to become one of the world’s essential companies, a daily habit for our customers and merchant partners.” By making it possible for businesses […]