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Straus vanilla and chocolate soft serve ice cream

Straus Vanilla and chocolate ice cream testing using spaceman gravity fed and pressurized soft serve machines.

For over 25 years, the Straus Family Creamery name has been synonymous with premium organic dairy, and a commitment to sustainable practices.
Straus soft serve mix is a premix liquid which is made exclusively for use in soft serve machines. The creamy texture and pure dairy taste are sure to delight ice cream fans nationwide!  They use simple, all organic, ingredients including milk, cream, sugar, and egg yolks.  Finally, they add a plant-based stabilizer and combine it with either vanilla or dutch chocolate— creating a rich, creamy texture with 8% butterfat.  You can find their product in many premium quick service restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops on the west coast. Each month, Spaceman gets various samples of soft serve mix.  We do this so that we have experience with all the great products our customers are using throughout the nation.  It’s good fun, but it’s also a great way to ensure all machines and products are optimized to work together and there are no suprises. This past week, we ran the Straus product through both gravity fed and pressurized soft serve machines.  As a result, the findings and suggested parameters are recored below. Product Specification:
Ideal Serving Temperature: 18-19°F
Serving Temperature Range: 17°F – 21°F
Gravity Fed Overrun (we used a 6235-C):
Organic Vanilla – 20-40%
Pressurized Overrun (we used a 6250A-C): Organic Dutch Chocolate – 30%-60% Organic Vanilla – 30%-60%
The overrun of Straus soft serve is on the lower end of the spectrum for each setting.  But, we were able to achieve 60+% with the right air tube and viscosity settings.
Straus product maintains excellent consistency, mouth feel, and is a delicious soft serve ice cream treat!
Straus Family Creamery