Spaceman USA Offers Slush Machines That Create All Types of Frozen Drinks

If you are thinking about offering any type of frozen drink at your restaurant, convenience store, or as part of your catering business, a slush machine offered by Spaceman USA is a perfect solution. The two most popular Spaceman USA slush machine  models are the Spaceman 6690 and the Spaceman 6490 Frozen Beverage and Shake Machines.

More About the Spaceman 6690 and 6490:
The Spaceman 6690 and Spaceman 6490 are both referred to as a frozen beverage freezer, a frozen beverage machine, or a slush machine. Both quickly and efficiently create margaritas, frozen cocktails, frozen fruit juices, smoothies, shakes, tea slushes, and/or frozen coffee drinks. The operator of a Spaceman USA slush machine is able to set the desired thickness of the drinks produced in the slush machine. The Spaceman 6690 and 6490 can both create drinks that either contain dairy or are dairy-free.

Additionally, each Spaceman USA slush machine is designed to let the operator know when the machine is running low on product. One of the main differences between the Spaceman 6690 and the Spaceman 6490 slush machine is the number of quarts each produces per hour.

Popularity of the Slush Machine
Restaurants, movie theatres, convenience stores, frozen yogurt shops, coffee shops, ice cream stores, and many other food-related establishments have added a slush machine because they realize the popularity of frozen drinks. One of the greatest aspects of a slush machine is that it can produce a huge variety of beverages, and it is up to machine operator to decide which drink to create at any given time. Many people assume that a slush machine is most commonly used to create frozen alcoholic beverages, such as margaritas or frozen daiquiris. However, a slush machine can easily produce both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Slush Machines at Hotels and Resorts
One of the most common drinks at a hotel or resort that is located in a warm climate is the frozen variety. While relaxing by the pool or the ocean, adults on vacation commonly order frozen beverages that are created in a slush machine. When children see such drinks, they also want one – because the drinks look fun and also delicious. Many hotels and resorts have more than one slush machine filled with frozen beverages (some which contain alcohol, and others without alcohol) so that children and adults who do not want an alcoholic beverage have several options.

Slush Machines are Always a Hit
The popularity of slush machines has continued to grow, and customers of all ages enjoy ordering frozen beverages when they are available. The great thing about Spaceman USA slush machines is that they are simple to operate, they are compact, and they are able to produce all types of popular frozen drinks.

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