Slush Machines Easily Create Wine Slush Drinks that Your Customers Will Love

Slush machines are no longer just for dispensing sweet, sugary drinks. While kids and adults alike flock to all types of slush machines that dispense drinks such as Icees and Slurpees, many restaurants and bars are now offering “top shelf” drink concoctions in their slush machines. And today, some of the most popular alcoholic drinks that are created in professional-grade slush machines contain red or white wine, or other types of high-end hard alcohol.

According to an article recently published on the Wine Enthusiast website entitled Frozen Drinks Go Top Shelf, there is a popular trend for bars and restaurants to offer top shelf alcohol in drinks created in their slush machines. The article states, “The convenience-store Icee machine is now behind dozens of America’s best bars, helping mixologists create a new breed of cocktail—the sophisticated frozen drink.”

The article also says, “Now, bars across the country are following suit, buying into the very simple idea of using quality ingredients to create complex, boozed-up Slurpees.”

Popularity of the Wine Slush
Companies such as Vino Slush are popping up left and right. While Vino Slush is a product that does not require a slush machine, the product is an example of how much people love the concept of a wine slushie drink. According to the company, which describes its product as a Refreshing New Way to Drink Wine, “The first two events at which we sold our Vino Slush wine slush mix, we sold out completely. We tracked our sampling results and it turned out that 70% of the people who tried our samples (using non-alcoholic wine for the samples due to liquor laws) bought the product. 70%! That’s unheard of.”

While it is certainly possible to create a wine slush without the assistance of a slush machine – as evidenced by the product produced by Vino Slush – it makes sense for a restaurant or bar wishing to create a wine slush for customers to have one or more behind-the-counter slush machines.

According to the website, wine slushies are a Monster Money Maker. “This wine slush craze is sweeping the country. It’s the new way to drink wine. So refreshing, so chic and sophisticated, yet so much fun and tastes so darn good. Your customers will be raving about this product. And repeat business is tremendous. You will find that even many people who don’t like wine will love it when it’s made into a wine slushie.”


The article suggests that wine slushies can be sold at festivals of all types (which allow alcohol), trade shows, cultural events and more.

If you are contemplating adding a slush machine to your restaurant or bar, consider a slush machine that can hold a significant number of servings and has the capacity to produce a substantial amount of product so that you never run out.

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