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Old Town Putt – Frozen Cocktails

Old Town Putt – Frozen Cocktails
In the heart of Fort Collins lies an indoor miniature golf course-turned bar. What was once intended to just be a place to play mini golf is now a full-bar that boasts a snazzy outdoor patio and loads of fun arcade games to keep guests entertained. Known for their frozen cocktails, Old Town Putt lures customers in from all over the country to try out these icy treats, and they’re left yearning for more every time. Spaceman USA got the chance to sit down with Dana Snell, owner and founder of Old Town Putt, to learn more about the fun hang out spot and how selling frozen beverages has positively impacted his business.

Where did the idea for an indoor miniature golf bar come from?

Old Town Putt was originally planned to be a retail store. Once Dana along with his wife, Nora, moved from Florida to Fort Collins, they fell in love with the area and knew it would be the perfect place to open up shop. The outdoor patio that was connected to the space is what gave Dana the idea to include mini golf in their business plan, shifting the idea from a retail store to an engaging bar-cade.  Having to quit his day job to pursue Old Town Putt full time, Dana had to do some convincing to get Nora on board with the idea.

How did frozen drinks become such a huge hit at Old Town Putt?

It wasn’t until Nora returned from a frozen cocktail-filled vacation when she told Dana that if they were going to follow through with this indoor mini golf bar plan, frozen drinks were an absolute must on the menu. Ever since they opened, frozen drinks have been a huge part of Old Town Putt’s identity. Besides the delicious flavors, they often host frozen cocktail challenges which involve customers getting one stamp per frozen drink they purchase, and once they reach 10 stamps, they receive a free t-shirt.  The frozen drinks are also heavily promoted on Old Town Putt’s social media pages, as well as on a large banner outside the bar.

What flavors do they sell?

Old Town Putt is home to two double flavor Spaceman frozen beverage machines. Their frozen cocktail flavors currently include: Mango Daiquiri, a rum slushie with hints of mango and cherry, Watermelon Diablo, a tequila based slushie with watermelon, ginger, and lime, Electric Peach, a peach vodka flavored blue lemonade served with pop rocks on top, and the Bushwood, a whiskey based cocktail with notes of black tea and citrus. The most popular flavor among the four is Mango Daiquiri, with Watermelon Diablo being a close second. Dana intends to sell the frozen drinks year-round, because in the past when they downsized to only one machine with two flavors during the cold, winter months, a lot of customers complained that they were missing their favorite flavors.

Are the frozen beverage machines profitable yet?

It is safe to say that the machines are beyond profitable at this point. In the month of June, the top three beverages sold at the bar were the Mango Daiquiri, the Watermelon Diablo, and the Electric Peach, outselling every draft beer on the menu. In a given week during peak season, Old Town Putt sells about 750-1,000 frozen drinks, taking up a strong portion of their drink sales.

How did Old Town Putt choose Spaceman?

After conducting thorough research, Dana was drawn to Spaceman USA machines over competitors. He told us that he was searching for a product that could handle high volume, and after speaking with other bar and restaurant owners and reading more about Spaceman, he realized these machines were workhorses and they were just what Old Town Putt needed. In Dana’s words, you get what you pay for, and he would rather invest in a high-quality machine that can keep up with the demand.

Is there anything exciting to look forward to at Old Town Putt?

At Old Town Putt, there is always something new going on. Be sure to check out their website and their Instagram to stay up to date with their upcoming events, challenges, and contests for the opportunity to win awesome trophies and prizes. *Thank you to Dana and Nora Snell for agreeing to do a spotlight with Spaceman USA and for providing us with valuable insights into your business, Old Town Putt. Spaceman USA is more than happy to be a part of this experience with you, and we cannot wait to see the new heights that your business reaches.

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