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5 Frozen Margarita Recipes Every Restaurant Should Master

5 Frozen Margarita Recipes Every Restaurant Should Master

What Is a Frozen Margarita and Why Should Restaurants Be Masters of Them? 

The margarita is undeniably one of the most popular drinks of choice across bars all over the world. The cocktail, which contains tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, is fun and refreshing to drink, but also strong enough to leave you feeling good. People especially love frozen margaritas because the icy texture of these slushie-like drinks slightly masks the taste of the tequila, helping it go down easier. If made properly, frozen margaritas can be extremely advantageous for a business.

How To Make a Frozen Margarita in a Frozen Beverage Machine

To make frozen margaritas profitable to your business, it’s important to make them perfectly so consumers come back for more. This means the consistency should be spot-on, the flavor should be well-balanced, and the presentation should be appealing. There are different ways that you can make frozen margaritas. One of the most basic ways is to purchase a premade margarita mix, which is designed specifically for frozen beverage machines. If you want to make a frozen margarita using all natural ingredients, this can also be achieved. We made a basic margarita using tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and water, which can be easily replicated by watching this video. Whichever method you choose, it’s important to mention that you should check the Brix level of your frozen margarita recipe with a refractometer to ensure your sugar content level is between 12 and 18, before putting it into your Spaceman machine.

Popular Frozen Margarita Flavors to Add to Your Menu

Although the classic margarita remains king, it’s always nice to give consumers the option to have a flavored margarita. We’re going to go over some popular frozen margarita recipes and different ways you can incorporate these flavors into your menu to satisfy more customers.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita 🍓

There are many ways to make a frozen strawberry margarita. One of our favorite recipes for making a strawberry margarita in a frozen beverage machine can be found here. If using premade mix isn’t something that you desire, you can use a base recipe like the one we made here, and just add strawberry puree to it, or you can use strawberry flavored tequila like the one seen here. Always be sure to garnish your cocktail with a lime or in this case, a slice of strawberry.

Frozen Peach Margarita 🍑

The easiest way to make a peach margarita is by using a peach concentrate like the one seen here and mixing it with tequila and water. Again, a frozen peach margarita can also be made by combining a classic margarita base with peach puree, like this one. Lastly, if you really want to kick up your peach margarita, you can make it using peach flavored tequila, such as this one, which is manufactured by 1800.

Frozen Watermelon Margarita 🍉

Another popular flavor for frozen margaritas that pairs well with tequila and lime juice is watermelon. You can make a watermelon margarita in your frozen beverage machine by using a watermelon mix concentrate like this one from Margarita Man. This watermelon puree can also be added to the bottom of a margarita glass while you dispense a classic margarita on top from your Spaceman USA machine. Another option can be to use this watermelon flavored ready-to-drink margarita from 1800, and combining it with other basic margarita ingredients until your Brix level is appropriate.

Frozen Mango Margarita 🥭

Mango is another delicious flavor that can enhance the taste of any margarita. When making mango margaritas, we like to use mango concentrates, such as the one seen here, and mixing it with the appropriate margarita ingredients. Other options may include substituting regular tequila for a mango flavored tequila, like this one by 1800, or this one by El Padrino. Like always, if you are not a fan of the above options, you can just use a classic margarita base and add any mango puree to the contents of your glass.

Frozen Pineapple Margarita 🍍

There are many options available on the market to make a frozen pineapple margarita, and it’s important to be familiar with all of them. One way you can make a pineapple margarita in your Spaceman frozen beverage machine is by using a premade pineapple margarita mix like the one seen here. Another option is to use a pineapple concentrate and make a DIY margarita by adding tequila, triple sec, and lime juice to it.  Lastly, if you want to make your own pineapple margarita from scratch, there are plenty of pineapple tequilas to choose from like this one by 1800, or this one by Casamigos.

As you can see, there are a variety of methods you can use to make a range of different frozen margaritas. The fun part is playing around with your ingredients and experimenting to find out what you like best. Whether you are making your frozen margarita from scratch or using pre-packaged margarita mixes, they are sure to come out delicious in your Spaceman USA machine.

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