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Milk Shake Bar at The Rosticceria

Milk Shake Bar at The Rosticceria

You’re in for a treat like no other at The Rosticceria, an Italian restaurant nestled in Phoenix founded by the talented restaurateur and chef Joey Maggiore. From delectable aperitivos such as baby artichokes and burrata to hearty salads, soups, and an array of pizzas, paninis, and pasta, the menu is a celebration of Italian flavors. The excitement doesn’t stop at the spectacular dishes, though. The Rosticceria is known for its one-of-a-kind “Build Your Own Milkshake” Bar where patrons can choose from over two dozen toppings to garnish their very own milkshake. What’s even more awesome is that they use Spaceman milk shake machines, so you know they’re EXTRA tasty!

Thierry Delourneaux
Thierry Delourneaux Rosticceria shake machine

Spaceman got the chance to speak with Thierry Delourneaux, renowned Corporate Executive Pastry Chef, who creates all the special desserts that are found at The Rosticceria. Continue reading to learn all about Thierry, how he ventured into the restaurant industry, how the Spaceman machines have positively impacted business at the restaurant, and more.


How did Thierry get into this industry?

Thierry is from the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Originally destined for a career in law enforcement like his father, it wasn’t until Thierry made a pineapple upside-down cake one time that his life course entirely shifted. He began to bake that cake once a week until he perfected it, and that’s when he told his dad he wanted to become a pastry chef. Inspired by his father’s advice to “be the best,” Thierry has refined his skills all over the world in places such as Canada, Singapore, and France. Thierry’s trademarked tagline is “ChiChiFooFoo”, which is his way of calling something beautiful. Every single one of his creations is ChiChiFooFoo, which you can see for yourself here.


Does Thierry create all the milkshake recipes?

Thierry gives credit to himself and owner Joey Maggiore for all their delicious milkshake recipes. All the milkshakes at The Rosticceria are made from a gelato base, which has its perks. Gelato doesn’t contain egg yolks, making it slightly healthier than ice cream. As for the ingredients used for their milkshake bases, some of them are made in-house, and some have added ingredients. Their chocolate milkshake is made entirely in-house, and it is their goal to eventually make every single gelato mix from scratch.

Rosticceria milk shake barEven some of their toppings are made completely from scratch. You can’t find those at the store!

How many Spaceman machines are at The Rosticceria?

The Rosticceria currently houses three Spaceman milk shake machines which are all used to make their mouthwatering milkshakes. For the most part, one machine holds a chocolate milksha

ke, one holds a vanilla milkshake, and the third holds the monthly milkshake which is constantly being swapped out for different flavors such as cannoli and strawberry tiramisu.

How successful are the machines?

We’ll let you do the math! Thierry shared that The Rosticceria sells approximately 200 milkshakes a day on weekends and around 60-100 a day on weekdays. Priced between $13 and $19, these milkshakes are not only a customer favorite but also a significant source of revenue for the business. Thierry told us that around 50% of patrons opt in for a milkshake after their meal. That percentage would be higher, but we can’t forget that there is also an entire dessert menu, handcrafted by Thierry, that offers patrons a variety of sweet treats beyond just milkshakes!

How does the BYOM bar work?

milk shake at Rosticceria

At the Build Your Own Milkshake bar, an employee dispenses the milkshake and gives it to the customer. The customer is then able to add whichever toppings they like to their milkshake, all of which sit atop a real car that Chef Joey used to drive around Italy! When customers choose a vanilla or chocolate milkshake, they are free to decorate it themselves, but with the monthly milkshakes, those are made by the staff and are not customizable. That’s because they look a little something like this. For those looking for an extra kick, there’s the option to indulge in a boozy milkshake, which comes with a shot of liquor presented in a customized Italian horn necklace. Customers get to keep these necklaces as souvenirs, adding to the charm of their visit to The Rosticceria.

Is there anything exciting to look forward to at the restaurant?

There’s always something exciting happening at The Rosticceria! Stay tuned to their Instagram to see their latest milkshake creations, with new flavors being released every month. Additionally, they’re working on making the restaurant more accessible and casual, with hopes to soon allow customers to simply walk in and grab a milkshake to go- no dining-in required!

*Thank you to Chef Joey Maggiore for allowing Spaceman to do a spotlight on your business, The Rosticceria. Thank you to Corporate Executive Pastry Chef Thierry Delourneaux for giving us insights as to how you got into the restaurant industry and how Spaceman milk shake machines have brought success to The Rosticceria. We wish The Rosticceria all the success in the world and we are glad to be on this growth journey with you!