Bring on Spring: 6 Frozen Cocktail Ideas to Welcome the Warm Weather


As spring blooms across the country, it’s time to take full advantage of our frozen drink machines again! While winter is no excuse to stop yourself from indulging in a delightful frozen cocktail, we understand why some may choose to go the warm and cozy route instead. The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer each day as we near summer, so why not get started on your spring and summer bevvy menus now?! Continue on for some spring-inspired frozen cocktail ideas for you to serve to your patrons this season! 


Frozen Jalepeno Margarita Drink MachineYou can’t talk about frozen drinks without talking about margaritas! Lucky for you, we have two of the BEST frozen margarita batch recipes right here for you to recreate. We’ll start off sweet with this Prickly Pear Margarita we made last year. This drink is refreshing, vibrant, and full of so many complementary flavors. If you love regular margaritas, we think you’d appreciate this slightly more exotic one. If sweet isn’t really your thing and you prefer something with a little kick, we’ve got the perfect choice for you! Head to this link to check out this perfectly-balanced Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita we made for Cinco de Mayo last year. The zesty lime works with the refreshing cucumber in this marg to counteract the spicy jalapeno from this 21 Seeds Tequila. This one’s pretty rare to come across, so we’re sure your customers will appreciate it!


One of our favorite springtime flavors has got to be PEACH! The following frozen cocktails are peach-perfect for sippin’ on a warm spring day at your favorite brunch spot, happy hour, picnics, or just about anywhere! We’re asking the mimosa to step aside for a little while so we can showcase this frozen bubbly PEACH BELLINI! This cocktail can be made a few different ways, but we made ours using peach juice, prosecco, and peach schnapps, and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. If you like wine but would prefer one without the bubbles, we also made a Frozen Peach Apricot Sangria using white wine which can be found here. Both frozen cocktails are citrusy and sweet and are perfect to soak up some sunshine and cool down.


MOUTH-WATERING FROZEN MARGARITASMake an Frozen Arnold Palmer! All jokes aside, there’s no better pre-game to summer than this spiked half-lemonade half-iced tea frozen cocktail! This drink evokes all those sun-drenched backyard BBQs and lazy afternoon memories from when we were younger, but now with an adult twist that adds even more fun to the festivities! It’s a nostalgic taste, but we know it’s destined to be a crowd favorite!  If you’re looking to serve up a drink that is perfectly citrusy with a hint of tang to it, look no further than our very own Frozen Lemon Drop Martini. While the alcohol content of this frozen cocktail is a bit higher than others we have made, don’t let that scare you away. This irresistible and bright martini tastes like sunshine in a glass and is the perfect warm weather drink. We think this one has the potential to become the daytime equivalent of an espresso martini! Put it on your establishment’s menu and watch how great it performs.

As you can see, spring doesn’t only embody just one singular flavor. With all different customers visiting your restaurant everyday, it’s important to keep your menu versatile enough that there is something for everyone’s palate. And remember, you can always test out a frozen drink for a week or two and swap it out with a new one to get a feel for your customers’ frozen cocktail cravings. Cheers!