How Many Employees Does it Take to Operate a Soft Serve Machine?

How many employees does it take to operate a soft serve machine?”

This is not a trick question! And the answer is not as easy as you might think.

Depending on the time of day and the time of year, it might take only one employee to keep your shop’s soft serve machines stocked and functioning properly. But on a busy day during your shop’s most active season, your shop might require several employees to keep your soft serve machines operational.

How Many Soft Serve Machines Do You Have in Your Shop?
If your shop offers just two flavors of soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt, you might have only one soft serve machine. But if your shop is a full-service soft serve or frozen yogurt establishment, you might have a dozen soft serve machines. If your shop has more than a few soft serve machines, and your shop is perpetually busy, it may be difficult to keep your machines prepared for customers without more than one employee dedicated to ensuring they are clean and full.

As the owner or manager of a soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, you must determine how many employees are necessary to keep your soft serve machines set and ready. The need to place a sign on your soft serve machines that says, “Temporarily Out of Service” is never a good thing. Every minute that your soft serve machines are either not functional or empty means there is a potential for lost sales. Therefore, if you believe your shop needs an extra employee on staff to tend to the soft serve machines during busy times of the day or year, it’s important that you hire them.

Employees Must Tend to the Cash Register, Toppings Bar, Soft Serve Machines, and More
Soft serve ice cream and/or frozen yogurt shops require well-rounded employees. In other words, the employees of your shop must be able to handle all of the various tasks of a soft serve establishment. This includes: working the cash register, refilling the toppings bar, cleaning tables, taking out the trash, keeping the floor clean, refilling napkin dispensers, making sure cups and spoons are available, wiping counters, and making sure the soft serve machines are clean, full and functioning properly.

The most well-known soft serve machine brands are easy to clean, refill and maintain. Therefore, during a soft serve or frozen yogurt shop’s slow time of day, or during the slow season, one or two employees at a time should be able to handle your shop. However, during evening hours, weekends, or other typically busy times of day or year, your shop may require multiple employees to keep the soft serve machines running at full capacity.

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