How to Make Money With Your Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are thinking about opening an independent frozen yogurt shop or a froyo franchise – or if you already have one – you no doubt want your business venture to make money. Even if you want to be involved in the frozen yogurt industry simply for the love of soft serve frozen yogurt machines, it might be difficult to keep your frozen yogurt shop’s doors open for business if you don’t make money.
There are many tips and tricks on how to get your frozen yogurt shop’s customers to choose your frozen yogurt machines over those in the shop down the street. But besides getting customers in your door, you want to make sure your customers spend more money every time they come for a visit.
Following is our advice on how to help your frozen yogurt shop succeed and be profitable:
Make sure your frozen yogurt shop is equipped with high-level soft serve machines. Our customers choose Spaceman soft serve frozen yogurt machines for their shops because Spaceman products are known to be versatile and able to produce many types of high-quality soft serve ice cream, custard, and sorbet. Spaceman soft serve machines are “intelligent” – with micro processor controls, low mix indicators, individual hopper refrigeration, and hopper agitators. Customers are apt to purchase a larger amount of soft serve when the soft serve machines in the store are functioning properly and are consistently producing great tasting froyo.
Decorate your frozen yogurt shop with comfortable and relaxing colors. When people enter a frozen yogurt shop, they want it to feel friendly and inviting. Many frozen yogurt shops choose to paint their walls with soft colors rather than dark colors. If your chairs or booths are cozy, your customers will want to stay longer. The longer they stay, the more they will purchase.
Make sure your shop’s staff is friendly, professional, and trained. Good employees at frozen yogurt shops know the importance of smiling at customers, being friendly, offering to help customers select flavors, and being knowledgeable about frozen yogurt ingredients and toppings. Well-trained employees know how to make sure the shop’s frozen yogurt machines are not empty. They clean the soft serve machines when necessary, and they also teach customers how to properly operate the frozen yogurt machines. When customers feel welcomed and appreciated by your shop’s staff, they are more likely to purchase more and also to return in the future.
Other factors that will help you make more money with your frozen yogurt business include offering desirable flavors in your soft serve frozen yogurt machines, offering nice incentives and specials, and being open for business during hours when customers expect you to be open.

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