Frozen Yogurt Freezers Are a Top Choice for Cobranded Franchise Units

If Burger King is opening cobranded units with Cups Frozen Yogurt, you can bet that other franchises will pair with shops that offer soft serve freezers in the near future. According to an article that appeared on Nation’s Restaurant News’ website on December 22, 2014 entitled, Burger King Franchisee Plans More Cobranded Unites – Burger Chain Opens Locations With Cups Frozen Yogurt Brand, “a New York-based franchisee opened his third cobranded Burger King–Cups Frozen Yogurt unit, with seven more locations planned by 2017.”

According to the Burger King franchisee mentioned in the article, sales appear to be good so far. Additionally, the article states that in two locations, frozen yogurt freezers were placed inside of space that used to hold an indoor kids’ play area.

Interestingly, in the abovementioned article, it is explained that in cobranded locations, Burger King and Cups share a space but employ their own staff.

In similar news, it was announced on Nation’s Restaurant News’ website on May 12, 2014 in an article entitled Schlotzsky’s, TCBY Test Co-Branded Units – Single-Market Test Aims to Increase Check Average, Traffic,”Schlotzsky’s Franchise LLC is co-branding with TCBY at five company-owned locations in the Austin, Texas, area in a six-month test, representatives from both companies said. Schlotzsky’s is a subsidiary of Focus Brands, which also franchises Carvel, Cinnabon, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, McAlister’s Deli and Seattle’s Best Coffee.”

In yet another article published by Nation’s Restaurant News on July 9, 2013 entitled Choosing the Right Cobranding Partner, the author states, “Marketers from Culver’s and Menchie’s say that an ideal promotional partner falls in line with the brand’s positioning and core values.” And goes on to say, “Marketers from Culver’s and Menchie’s said that when it comes to choosing brands for partnerships, it’s critical to select a partner with the right fit for the brand’s positioning and core values.”

All of the abovementioned articles that were published by Nation’s Restaurant News (as well as others available to read on NRN’s website) indicate that many franchises are opting to partner with brands that offer soft serve freezers. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the soft serve craze is expected to continue well into the future.

If you currently own a frozen yogurt or soft serve franchise and you are interested in partnering with another franchise in order to increase your revenue potential, the Nation’s Restaurant News website provides a considerable amount of information on how to choose the right partner. It seems that there are ample opportunities for brands that offer soft serve freezers to cobrand with a wide variety of franchises across the United States – and possibly the world.

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