Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machines and Holiday Gift Cards Mix Very Well

If you’re looking for a way to promote your commercial frozen yogurt machines this holiday season, and you want your customers to purchase gift cards at your frozen yogurt shop – it might be a good idea to combine these two ideas. Pinkberry did.

Pinkberry recently published a press release entitled Pinkberry Shares Its Holiday Spirit by Gifting Frozen Yogurt that discusses the topics of commercial frozen yogurt machines and holiday reward cards and holiday gift cards.

According to the press release, the frozen yogurt franchise is launching two promotions this holiday season:

1) Pinkberry is giving back to its customers with exclusive holiday reward offers. Customers can choose to load $20 worth of value on their loyalty card and receive a FREE small frozen yogurt with toppings, or buy a $20 gift card and receive a FREE small frozen yogurt with toppings.

2) In the spirit of the holidays, Pinkberry is also launching the Caring For Those Who Care For Others program in participating regions throughout the US. Pinkberry team members will be visiting local community organizations: fire departments, hospitals and more, gifting Pinkberry gift cards as a “thank you” for their ongoing service to “care” for their community throughout the year. The holiday program will kick off on December 1 and close on December 24 in participating regions.

What Can Your Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machines Offer This Holiday Season?
There is no reason that your commercial frozen yogurt machines can’t provide customers, as well as important members of your community, with rewards similar to those being offered by Pinkberry.

If your frozen yogurt shop does not offer loyalty cards, it’s time to think about implementing a loyalty card program. Chances are, your customers would be willing to work towards a free cup of frozen yogurt from your shop’s commercial frozen yogurt machines if they were given the chance.

Additionally, people are always in the mood to give back to their community during the holiday season. You may want to implement a program similar to Pinkberry’s Caring For Those Who Care for Others, or you may want to give back to your community in other ways. There are countless organizations in every region of the United States (and around the world) that could benefit from a “thank you” via a gift card that can be used at your frozen yogurt shop.

Unique Ideas for Your Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machines
The ideas that Pinkberry is promoting for its commercial frozen yogurt machines are excellent for encouraging customer to visit their locations during the holiday season. But there many other unique ways to promote the idea of purchasing loyalty cards and gift cards at your frozen yogurt shop. For example, Yogurtland is “introducing themed gift cards just in time for the holidays and special offers including bonus cards and coupons with purchase.”

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