Can Frozen Yogurt Machines Dispense Gluten Free FroYo?

Can Frozen Yogurt Machines Dispense Gluten Free FroYo?

Yes, yes, yes!!! Frozen yogurt machines can absolutely dispense gluten free frozen yogurt. In fact, many frozen yogurt mixes are naturally gluten free. This is a huge plus for the gluten free community because it provides a delicious dessert option.

Gluten Free Signs on Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Machines
Because there is a large percentage of the population in the United States that opts for a gluten free diet (either because of celiac disease or for any of several other reasons), it’s important that frozen yogurt shops and other food establishments that serve ice cream or frozen yogurt from soft serve machines display obvious labels alerting customers that specific flavors are gluten free. Labels allow customers to pick and choose flavors while ensuring they are selecting gluten free options.

Some frozen yogurt shop managers elect to serve only gluten free frozen yogurt because they do not want to risk contaminating their soft serve machines with froyo flavors that contain gluten. Other shops designate specific soft serve frozen yogurt machines as “gluten” and other frozen yogurt machines as “gluten free.” This is one way to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. It’s important to be aware that certain flavors of frozen yogurt, such as those that contain the words “cookie” or “brownie,” may contain gluten!

Beware of Your Toppings Bar
If you are hoping to promote your frozen yogurt shop as the perfect place to visit for a delicious gluten free dessert, you must be cognizant of your toppings selections. After serving themselves a full cup of frozen yogurt from your shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines, your customers will head straight for your toppings bar. If you want to guarantee a gluten free experience, you will have to ensure 1) that you have several gluten free choices, and 2) that your gluten free toppings are not situated directly next to your non-gluten free toppings.

Individuals who are on strict gluten free diets are always happy to find new eating establishments that meet their dietary restrictions. If your soft serve machines are loaded with delicious gluten free yogurt, and if you also offer a nice selection of gluten free toppings, you are sure to make many people happy and turn them into loyal customers.

Which Gluten Free Frozen Yogurt Flavors Do Your Customers Like the Best?
With the multitude of gluten free flavor options available to frozen yogurt shops, how do you know which ones will be the biggest hit? As a fun incentive to your customers, ask them to fill out a short survey when they visit. Ask them which gluten free flavors they like the best, and what flavors they might like to see in the future. It’s important to keep the gluten free community happy and well served!

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