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Commercial Frozen Drink Machines

Without a doubt, refreshing icy beverages are appreciated by many consumers, especially during summer. What can be better than sipping a delicious Margarita or Pina Colada on a hot day in July? What is more, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to make easy money since frozen drinks become more popular day after day. But before adding frosty beverages to your menu, let’s find out whether a commercial frozen drink machine for restaurants is worth purchasing. Can you make money with a frozen drink machine? Once a commercial frozen drink machine is well-designed, it has all chances to become profitable. Implementing frosty beverages in summer is another good way to increase sales significantly—furthermore, pricing and marketing strategy contrast with your loss and profit. How to boost your profits with a frozen drink machine? To make the most of the new treats on the menu, you need to take action…

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Frozen Drink machine

If you decide to add delicious Margarita or frozen coffee to your restaurant’s menu, it’s time to think about a professional frozen drink machine. However, you might get confused with the diversity of options available on the market. Different devices come in different sizes, make other drinks, feature various settings, etc. Check out the article below to determine the best machine to make frozen drinks to suit your needs. #1 What can a frozen drink machine make? First, decide what kind of frozen drinks you are going to serve. If you focus on alcoholic beverages, you must have a liquor license and a specific frozen drink maker machine designed to freeze alcohol. On the other hand, milkshakes and smoothies also require special equipment and should comply with food safety requirements. In addition, choose a suitable size after you select a machine to make frozen drinks you intend to serve. #2…

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Soft-Serve Machine

If you decide to open a frozen yogurt store or add soft-serve ice cream to your restaurant menu, opting for a durable machine is critical. There are numerous soft-serve makers on the current market with many good features, and you will probably get confused about how to buy a soft serve ice cream machine. Before investing in expensive kitchen equipment, your goal is to consider a few primary things that might seem a little overwhelming. Please keep reading to discover them. Things to consider when buying a soft serve machine ·        Machine sizes If you want to buy soft serve ice cream machine, being aware of two main size categories is essential. Some soft serve devices come as floor models on caster wheels. Such machines feature from medium to high capacity and stand for two flavors or twist. For specialized cafes and shops, floor models of soft…

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Commercial Milkshake Machine

Whether you are an owner of a fast-food restaurant, a coffee shop, or fast-casual dining, you probably thought about serving milkshakes. These refreshing drinks are commonly associated with American cuisine. Both adults and kids love the classic recipes of milkshakes – with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors.  When deciding to get one, remember that your first task is to consider a commercial milkshake machine. Then the question arises, “what things to consider while purchasing such equipment”? Let’s find it out in the article. What is the best milkshake machine? The choice of the best milkshake maker machine for your business significantly depends on several factors, such as customer demand, size capacity, available milkshake flavors, a budget, etc. If your restaurant is fast-paced with a large customer volume, Model 6795-C is the best commercial milkshake machine. This device features automatic programs and multiple heads to save time while making shakes. If…

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