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How a “Margarita Machine” Can Benefit Your Health Shop

How a “Margarita Machine” Can Benefit Your Health Shop
We see them all over the place – taco restaurants, bars, resorts – the list goes on. Margarita machines are loved by business owners and patrons everywhere for their speed of service, consistent taste, and cost-effectiveness. While many people refer to these machines as “margarita machines”, Spaceman frozen beverage machines can be used to make WAY more than just plain old margaritas! Continue reading to learn more about how a Spaceman frozen beverage machine can benefit your health shop and provide consumers with tasty yet refreshing frozen treats to get them energized and ready for their day.

Acai Bowls

Did you know that our frozen beverage machines could be used to produce açai bowls? That’s right! Simply add your pre-mixed açai to the machine’s hopper and freeze it. No more scooping from a freezer or serving customers açai with ice crystals on it! Serving açai mix from a frozen beverage machine is something new that we’ve been seeing, especially by our customers OAKBERRY. Serving açai this way cuts the preparation time down quite a lot since employees only need to dispense açai mix into a bowl or cup and then add the desired toppings.


You can also make smoothies in our frozen beverage machines! If you’re looking to serve a healthier alternative to milkshakes, look no further! As long as the brix level of your smoothie mixture is between 12 and 18, you can add virtually any combination of fruit, water, purees, and syrups to your Spaceman machine. We made a coconut pineapple smoothie using Texas Blends Premium Fruit Mix and coconut milk, which you can see here. It was refreshing, fruity, and the consistency was PERFECT!  
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Protein Shakes

Our machines are also capable of producing milky beverages. If you’re looking to offer protein shakes, that’s certainly possible with a Spaceman machine! If you mix protein powder with water, almond milk, or any other base that you prefer, our machines will freeze it up so that it comes out perfectly chilled every time. Instead of having to use a blender to manually combine all the ingredients, you can pre-batch protein shakes and produce up to 360 servings per HOUR, depending on the machine and model you choose. Of course, we don’t anticipate having to serve that many protein shakes per hour, but this shows in comparison to a blender how much time you would save by serving protein shakes from a Spaceman frozen drink machine.

Frozen Energy Drinks

Last but not least, you could also serve customers frozen energy drinks from a Spaceman machine. Everyone knows that fitness lovers can’t go to the gym without some pre-workout. What if you turned that pre-workout into an icy slush that gave your customers the little boost of adrenaline they need to get through their tough workout?! Frozen energy drinks are new to this industry, so they’re not something that we’re seeing everywhere quite yet. However, one of our customers, the widely known Dutch Bros, sells a few different frozen energy drinks on their menu that are a huge hit on the West Coast. 

As you can see, Spaceman frozen beverage machines are a lot more versatile than you might think. Some refer to them as “margarita machines”, giving others the false impression that these machines are only good for serving up the zesty tequila cocktail, but that is not the case at all. We hope this article helped you to better understand the wide range of products you can serve your customers with a Spaceman frozen beverage machine. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about our machines, please feel free to contact us at