Adding a Frozen Beverage Dispenser Can be Very Profitable for Your Business

Are you thinking about adding frozen beverage equipment to your restaurant, convenience store, frozen yogurt shop, bar, catering service or any other type of establishment? If so, you probably already realize the profit potential associated with offering frozen beverages on your menu. Adding a frozen beverage dispenser can prove to be a very lucrative venture for a few reasons. First, people love the temperature and consistency of beverages prepared by frozen beverage equipment. Second, frozen beverage dispensers are cost-effective because frozen drinks can often be sold at a relatively high profit margin.

Benefits of Adding a Frozen Beverage Dispenser to your Business:

Counter Space and Versatility.┬áMost frozen beverage equipment does not require a lot of space. Many of our models can easily sit on a counter. For example, the Spaceman 6490 Frozen Beverage Freezer is a single-flavor countertop model with the following dimensions: 16.3in x 22.8in x 28.9in. This particular model requires only one dedicated electrical connection and provides you with the ability to serve your choice of frozen beverages – such as shakes, smoothies, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, coffees, cappuccinos, teas, or slush beverages.

Package Deals. Your customers will love ordering frozen beverages from your menu. However, they will love it even more if you offer a frozen beverage as part of a package deal that comes with one or more food items. For example, if you own a restaurant that serves hamburgers or hot dogs, you may want to offer a “deal” that includes a hamburger, French fries, and a frozen beverage for a special price. Besides restaurant settings, this type of special is quite popular in venues such as movie theatres that offer frozen carbonated drink and popcorn packages that cost less than buying these two items separately.

Easy to Operate and Maintain. One of the greatest benefits of a frozen beverage dispenser is that this type of machine is not complicated to fill, use, or maintain. It is not difficult to train your employees to care for your frozen beverage equipment. In fact, your employees will quickly learn that it’s not at all difficult to sell frozen drinks – especially on a hot summer day.

There are countless other reasons for adding a frozen beverage dispenser to your business. For example, some models are transportable. Therefore, you may be able to take the machine with you to a local event and sell frozen beverages right there. Also, all SpacemanUSA frozen beverage equipment is built to last – and will continue to produce profitable frozen beverages for your business for many years to come. Finally, most frozen beverage dispenser models are able to produce a wide variety of frozen beverages, which can be alternated or changed at any time.

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