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10 Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

10 Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

Ice cream is enjoyed by patrons all over the world. While the dessert is among the most popular of all time, many people may not know much about it. We’re here to teach you more about the tasty treat to give you a deeper understanding of the snack you’re consuming.

Ice Cream Was Invented in China

The origins of ice cream date all the way back to the Tang Dynasty of China. The ruler of the dynasty, King T’ang of Shang, had 94 “ice men” who would carry ice to the palace for him, for it to later be mixed with fermented milk, flour, and camphor. The ingredients and process to make ice cream in today’s world are certainly different, but the idea remains the same.

Commercial Production for Ice Cream Began in Baltimore, Maryland

While ice cream has its origins in China, industrial production began in an entirely different part of the world. Industrial production of ice cream began in the 1850s when factories were opened in Baltimore, Maryland. Jacob Fussell was the first person to produce ice cream commercially, and he opened the world’s first ice cream factory.

Half of the Volume Found in Ice Cream is Air

Everyone knows that there’s milk, cream, and sugar in ice cream, but one ingredient that is often surpassed due to it not being visible is air. While you can’t see the air in ice cream, it makes up about 30-50% of the total volume of ice cream. The main purpose of the addition of air to ice cream is to keep the texture soft and fluffy.  We call this overrun and refer to it in soft serve when determining if a pressurized or gravity fed machine is needed.

The Molecular Structure of Ice Cream Changes When It Melts

When ice cream melts and you refreeze it, the texture and taste will never be quite as good as it was when it was fresh. Adding on to the point above, this is because when ice cream melts, the microscopic air bubbles escape, causing the molecular structure to break down. This is why it’s best to finish your ice cream in one sitting!

Ice Cream Has Psychological Benefits

Yes, we know – ice cream is full of sugar and it’s probably not the best snack to have every day, but in moderation, it can have some psychological benefits. Ice cream is known to make people feel happy and safe. That’s because ice cream is considered a comfort food. This isn’t only because it’s delicious and feels like a guilty pleasure. There are amino acids present in ice cream such as tryptophan, which is known to increase serotonin production.

The Market Size for Ice Cream Production in the US is Currently $10.6 B

The market for ice cream doesn’t seem to be trending up or downwards in recent years. If you take a look at this graph from IBISWorld, you can see that growth in this market has remained pretty stagnant, but still, the market is vast. The market was valued at about $10.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow .1% in 2023.

Hot Fudge is the Most Popular Topping in America

Sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, caramel…the list goes on. There are many different types of toppings you can put on ice cream, but hot fudge takes the cake when it comes to ice cream. According to an article written by YouGovAmerica, hot fudge is preferred by 40% of Americans, followed by 33% who prefer chocolate syrup, and 32% who prefer whipped cream.

The Most Popular Flavor of Ice Cream is Vanilla

Of course, the classic flavor of vanilla is the most popular worldwide. That means if you’re running a soft serve machine, vanilla should definitely be on the menu. Vanilla is a versatile flavor that can be combined with many different toppings and syrups, making it a favorite.

Ice Cream Cones Were Invented by Accident

Ice cream cones seem like the perfect holder for ice cream; no silverware or bowls needed, since you get to eat the cone. Although ice cream cones seem like they’ve been around forever, they were actually invented by accident. In 1904 at the World’s Fair, an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, so Ernest Hamwi, a waffle vendor that happened to be right next to the ice cream vendor, rolled up a waffle for him to use. The rest is history.

The Most Profitable Day for Ice Cream Sellers is Sunday

Everyone knows that ice cream is more popular during the summer than the winter, giving July the title of “National Ice Cream Month”. However, did you ever wonder which day of the week ice cream gets consumed the most? That would be Sunday – probably because people want to end their weekend on a high note, soaking up as much serotonin as possible.

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