Add a Soft Serve or Frozen Yogurt Machine and See Great Net Profits!

If you own a restaurant and/or convenience store and are thinking about adding soft service ice cream or frozen yogurt to your menu, I’m here to convince you that you are absolutely pondering a great idea. The addition of a soft service ice cream and/or frozen yogurt machine can lead to a significant net profit each month. Not only do most soft service ice cream and frozen yogurt machines fit nicely and compactly into just two feet of space, but installing such machines has the potential to yield excellent net profits.

How to calculate profit:
You can access a convenient and easy-to-use profit calculator on the website. By simply entering your own estimated numbers in the unit pricing, daily servings, and number of days columns, you can easily determine your potential profit. Simply adjust the numbers and you will be able to see varied results. Once you spend a bit of time playing around with the profit calculator, you will quickly realize exactly how lucrative it can be to add a soft serve ice cream and/or frozen yogurt machine to your restaurant or convenience store.

Want to Lease or Finance Your Machines?
Not every restaurant or convenience store owner has the money to pay cash for a frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream machine. We offer leasing and financing plans for this very reason. To determine how much it will cost you to either lease or finance your machine(s), take a look at this lease calculator. With the calculator, it’s easy to determine the return on your investment. For questions about leasing or financing, please contact us today. We are happy to discuss all of your options and provide you with advice on which machines will work best for your specific set-up.

Types of Frozen Dessert Machines
As a restaurant or convenience store owner, you may be interested in offering one (or more) of the following in your establishment:

• Soft Serve Ice Cream
• Frozen Custard
• Gelato
• Frozen Yogurt
• Milk Shake
• Frozen Beverages

No matter which frozen desserts and/or beverages you determine will be most beneficial to your restaurant or convenience store, you can rest assured that we will help you every step of the way – no matter if you decide to pay cash, finance, or lease your equipment.

Not sure what your customers will like the best? We recommend that you conduct a bit of market research to determine if customers prefer soft serve ice cream over frozen yogurt, or whether they like frozen beverages more than milk shakes. The profit calculator mentioned earlier in this article should also help you determine which product will yield the highest net profit based on your restaurant or shop’s size, location and typical customer base.

8 thoughts on “Add a Soft Serve or Frozen Yogurt Machine and See Great Net Profits!

  1. Were interested in finding out more information about leasing a yogurt machine for our shop. Can you please send us some information of what your company offers by email. Thank you.


    1. Hi Gennae,
      Thank you for the message. We would be happy to provide you more information on our soft serve machine leasing, but we will need your contact information. Please fill out the contact form, call in, or send a reply email to with your email and/or phone number.


  2. Hello, I was wondering whether you only lease out within the US or internationally? I am based on the South of Thailand and planning to open my Frozen Yoghurt shop in Mid 2016.

    Thank you.


  3. hi, i have a small food court at central mall port Arthur,Texas, was interested in some information about leasing a yogurt or ice cream machine. my space is very limited.
    is practically a 2 feet x 2 feet counter top space. just wondering what you have out there and if is worth having it, place not so busy but increases sales during the summer.
    thank you

  4. Hello –

    I would like to know more about leasing a yogurt/soft serve machine. Please advise.

    Thank you

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