A Few Things Typical Customers Like Best About their Favorite Frozen Yogurt Shop

If you are a thinking about opening a new frozen yogurt business or if you are a current frozen yogurt shop owner, you may have wondered why people choose specific froyo shops over others – and then label those shops as their favorites. Why do some people prefer Pinkberry over Yogurtini, or why do some seem to select TCBY over Red Mango?

Common Reasons Customers Like Certain FroYo Shops Over Others:

Frozen Yogurt Machines: If your shop has soft serve frozen yogurt machines that are difficult to use or are often broken and/or not functioning properly, this is cause for concern. People are not happy when they travel to a frozen yogurt shop only to discover the frozen yogurt machines in the shop are out of order. If this should happen to a customer more than once, that customer will probably select an alternative frozen yogurt shop next time.

Frozen Yogurt Flavors: People always have favorite flavors. Your shop may not have enough soft serve machines to offer 30 different flavors on any given day, but it’s disappointing to customers when their favorite flavors are not consistently available. It’s important to keep track of the flavors that sell the best and to offer those flavors regularly. This is one way to ensure customer loyalty.

A Nice Atmosphere: When customers go to a frozen yogurt shop, they prefer one that is bright, smells great, has ample seating, and is cheerful. If your shop has broken furniture or smells unpleasant, it’s time to make upgrades. Customers like to feel comfortable and relaxed when they make a trip to a frozen yogurt shop.

Outdoor Seating: After customers use your self-serve frozen yogurt machines, add toppings to their cups, and pay for their treats, they often want to sit outdoors with their friends and/or family members while they eat their desserts. A frozen yogurt shop that provides ample outdoor seating is  sure to be popular.

Lots of Choices: Just as important as the flavors available in your shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines are the choices on your toppings bar. Make sure you have options that  satisfy everyone’s taste. This includes healthier options such as fresh fruit as well as all of the “regular” toppings such as cookie dough, gummy bears, sprinkles, and other types of popular candy.

A Friendly Staff: Most customers enjoy friendly social interaction with the staff at their favorite frozen yogurt shop. From happily distributing small cups so that customers can taste samples of various flavors from multiple frozen yogurt machines to making sure customers are able to pay for their treats in a timely manner, having  friendly employees can make all the difference.

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