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What Can You Make with a Frozen Beverage Machine?

What Can You Make with a Frozen Beverage Machine?

Frozen beverage machines are a must-have in restaurants all around the world. When you go out to eat, you’re bound to find one of these commercial FUB (frozen un-carbonated beverage) machines on a counter top or behind a bar.  Although these machines often get the reputation that they are specifically designed to make margaritas, we’re here to prove that wrong. Spaceman frozen beverage machines are capable of making a variety of drinks, not just the famous alcoholic ones you’re familiar with.

Frozen Cocktails

As mentioned earlier, frozen beverage machines are known for producing margaritas. While margaritas are one of the most popular drinks that are made in our machines, other common drinks include piña coladas, daiquiris, and frosè. However, don’t let these well-known cocktails scare you away from experimenting with your Spaceman machine. You can make virtually any cocktail in your machine, as long as the Brix level is checked with a refractometer. We’ve seen our customers make beer slushies, white Russians, mimosas, bellinis, gin and tonics – the list goes on.


Slushies are another popular beverage that our machines are used for.  Slushies have the same consistency as frozen cocktails, but they tend to be non-alcoholic. Slushies can be made by using a combination of sodas, juices, syrups, and/or concentrates. While frozen cocktails are a popular drink choice at restaurants, slushies tend to be sold at convenience stores, amusement parks, movie theaters, and drive-thrus. Slushies are extremely profitable due to being able to produce them at such a low cost.

Frozen Coffee Drinks

Another great idea for your Spaceman USA frozen beverage machine is making a frozen coffee. You can make a frappe, an Irish coffee, a cappuccino, a latte – basically any coffee drink that you would enjoy drinking frozen. This bar in New York City just added a frozen Irish coffee to their menu, and the response has been abundant, to say the least. We even experimented and made a delicious caramel frappe ourselves, which you can check out on our Instagram here.

Açaí Bowls

One product that can be made in a frozen beverage machine that might come as a surprise to you is an açaí bowl. Açaí bowls have recently surged in popularity due to consumers’ changing diets and health concerns. Filled with antioxidants and nutrients, açaí bowls are a good option for people who are looking for a tasty snack that won’t leave them full of regret. This customer of ours has locations all over the world and uses our machines to make their açaí base. This saves them from mixing fruit in a blender, all while giving customers a more pleasant experience since they won’t need to hear any loud appliances.


Frozen beverage machines make great smoothies. Long gone are the days when you need to combine fruit, milk, ice, juice, etc., into a blender and play around with the consistency until you get it just right. This just isn’t practical, especially when it comes time to serving dozens of customers at a time. With a Spaceman USA machine, you can make your batches beforehand, and as long as your Brix level is between 12 and 18, any fruit mixture you make will come out of the machine as a perfect, cold, smoothie.


Now we move onto the less healthy cousin to smoothies – milkshakes. Most milkshakes are made from a combination of ice cream, milk, flavorings, sauces, and/or syrups.

Using a frozen beverage or milk shake machine for shakes is a huge operational win!  Compared to scooping and hand spinning shakes, or even using soft serve as a base, the product from a milk shake machine will come out perfectly ready to be served.  Or, you can turn up the viscosity a bit so that you can still mix in toppings and syrups – but still, saving time in operations!

The one thing to keep in mind while making milkshakes with your frozen beverage machine is that when using dairy products, your machine should be cleaned daily, or according to local health codes. 

Frozen Energy Drinks

Finally, our machines can be used to produce frozen energy drinks. While energy drinks are quite refreshing on their own, creating frozen ones takes them up a notch by giving consumers cold, icy, slushies that cool them down. This customer of ours uses their Spaceman machines to make a ‘Rebel Energy Drink’, which provides consumers with an efficient amount of caffeine to give them that extra energy boost throughout the day. As you can see, there’s a lot more to frozen beverage machines than just cocktails. If you’re interested in investing in a Spaceman machine, we hope you consider all of your options and the profitability of each product. Depending on where you’re located and what your business model is, we’re sure that a Spaceman machine will provide consumers with the perfect treat, whether it be a margarita on the beach, or a cherry slushie at the movies.

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