Valentine’s Day Frozen Treat ideas

Valentine’s Day Frozen Treat Ideas: Pink Frose, Milkshake, and Cotton Candy Soft Serve Ice Cream

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Spaceman frozen treat machine!  The recipes below are sure to please and tantalize the senses.  Frosé is a wine based slushie, or frozen cocktail, made using Rosé Wine.  It has gained popularity in bars and restaurants because it’s a great tasting, fun drink – it’s pink, frozen, beautiful, and boozy!  Our Red Velvet Milkshake recipe uses Oatly vanilla soft serve ice cream base, which is a great non-dairy alternative, and trust us, it’s tasty, smooth, and creamy!  Finally, we had to include Pink Cotton Candy soft serve ice cream for our valentines suggestion – this ice cream is velvety smooth, sweet, rich, and visually stunning.  Here is your guide to serving up sweet frozen treats with love… Everlasting Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Ingredients: 1 bottle (64 oz) – Kelvin Frosé Slush Mix 4 bottles (4 x 750 mL) – Rosé Wine 500 mL – Vodka (or other white spirit) 1.5 gal – Water  Instructions: Combine all ingredients into container and thoroughly mix. Freeze in a Spaceman Frozen Beverage machine, garnish with peach or grapefruit, and enjoy! Red Velvet Milkshake Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups – Oatly Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream 4 tbsp – Red Velvet Cake Mix 1 1/2 cups – Oatly Oat Milk 1/2 tsp – Vanilla Extract 2 tbsp – Hot Fudge Sauce Warmed Whipped Cream Sprinkles Instructions: Place sprinkles on a plate then dip the rim of your glass into the warm hot fudge and dip into sprinkles. In a blender combine the ice cream, cake mix, oat milk, and vanilla extract. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top with whipped cream and additional sprinkles if desired Pink Cotton Candy Soft Serve Ingredients: 1 Bag – PreGel Pink Cotton Candy Soft Serve 1 Gal – Milk Instructions: Combine all ingredients into a large container. Mix well for 2-3 minutes using an immersion blender. Place mix into your Spaceman soft serve machine. Freeze the product and enjoy!