Use Your Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines to Draw a Huge Crowd

Think about it: Huge crowds around your soft serve ice cream machines every single day.

That is the dream of all soft serve ice cream shop owners! Anyone that owns or manages a soft serve ice cream shop wants to see the maximum number of customers each and every day. More customers means more profits. And profits mean financial success! So, how do you get hoards of people to idolize your soft serve ice cream machines? How do you get new and repeat customers into your shop every single day – no matter the season?

There are several methods soft serve ice cream shops use to entice customers. Some shops focus on just one, and others use a combination of tactics:

High Quality Soft Serve
If you want a large number of customers to visit your shop each day, you absolutely must offer a high quality product in your soft serve ice cream machine. Your soft serve ice cream machines must be in perfect working order, and they must be stocked with your customers favorite flavors. While chocolate and vanilla are always popular, the world of soft serve flavors has evolved over the past decade. Customers expect unique and appealing flavors to be available in an ice cream shop’s soft serve ice cream machines.

Soft Serve Ice Cream That Tastes Great
The reliability of your soft serve ice cream machines is important. But offering high-quality soft serve is key. There are lots of ice cream shops that offer soft serve that can be described as so-so. Your shop should not serve so-so soft serve in its soft serve ice cream machines. It makes sense to shop around for the soft serve mix you will use in your soft serve ice cream machines. Remember, expensive mixes are not always the best tasting! Make sure to do your research and determine the best possible brand. Your customers will appreciate it!

Great Toppings
If you sell your soft serve by weight, it’s especially important that your offer a one-of-a-kind toppings bar at your ice cream shop. Toppings are hard to resist. Many soft serve fans will drive out of their way to an ice cream shop that offers a wide variety of toppings that aren’t available at other nearby ice cream shops. The goal is to ensure your customers make a bee-line directly from your soft serve ice cream machines to your toppings bar. In many cases, appealing and unique toppings are a huge contributor to an ice cream shop’s bottom line.

Do you have high quality soft serve available in your soft serve ice cream machines. Check!


Do you have soft serve that tastes great. Check!


Do you have great toppings available at your toppings bar. Check!

So, what about price? If you offer all of the above at a very reasonable price, you should have no problem attracting customers to your soft serve shop.

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