How to Use Your Ice Cream Freezers to Celebrate “Noon Year’s Eve” this December 31

New Year’s Eve is in just a couple of weeks. Now is the time to start thinking about how your ice cream freezers can be used for a New Year’s promotion. On December 31, it’s unlikely that you will want to keep your shop open until midnight. But there is another novel way to celebrate the New Year with the help of your ice cream freezers – and that is by way of a Noon Year’s Eve celebration.

A Noon Year’s Eve celebration allows you to entice customers into your shop on December 31 at noon, instead of at midnight with the help of your ice cream freezers. This is a very popular alternative for parents with young children who cannot stay awake until midnight – but who want to partake in ringing in the New Year by attending a festive event. Most businesses that offer a Noon Year’s Eve celebration at their establishment provide some sort of incentive. Frozen yogurt and ice cream shop owners can provide free servings from their ice cream freezers, or free toppings to everyone in attendance.

Spread the word via social media. How are you going to tell the public about your Noon Year’s Eve celebration? There is no better way to spread the news about your ice cream freezers than via social media. But the time to get started is NOW… not on December 30.

Distribute flyers at nearby schools, sports venues, and local recreation centers. Many fans of your ice cream freezers have probably never heard of a Noon Year’s Eve celebration. But once they learn about your shop’s plan to offer free ice cream or toppings at noon on December 31, they will make plans to be there!

Place signs in your store. Make sure your loyal customers know about your Noon Year’s Eve event by placing signs around your shop. While utilizing your self-serve ice cream freezers, your customers will be happy to learn about your plan to host a celebration at noon on December 31.

Stock your ice cream freezers with festive flavors. Those who attend your Noon Year’s Eve party will appreciate that you are offering festive flavors in your ice cream freezers. Once January arrives, the holiday season will be official over. Let your customers enjoy your ice cream freezer holiday flavors one last time on December 31.

Use the event to promote the health benefits of frozen yogurt (after all, people will be making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight on January 1!). Many people focus on their health and the possibility of losing weight as part of their new year’s resolutions. Since January 1 will be just around the corner on the day of your Noon Year’s Eve celebration, make sure to promote the health benefits of frozen yogurt or soft serve ice cream when customers are in your shop on December 31.

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