Popularity of Frozen Beverage Machines is Skyrocketing

Think frozen beverage machines are popular only during the summer? If so, think again. Frozen beverages have never been more popular than they are right now. The outdoor temperature no longer has anything to do cravings for frozen drinks.

It used to be that customers would order drinks from frozen beverage machines when they wanted a treat that would cool them on a hot day. But these days, people order frozen drinks such as Frappuccinos at Starbucks on all days of the year. In fact, due to the popularity of the Frappuccino, Starbucks offers several winter/holiday flavors that they refer to as “Bliss in Three Flavors – Enjoy it While it Lasts.”

But besides the Frappuccinos offered at Starbucks, restaurants, convenience stores, ice cream shops, and many other types of food-related establishments have added frozen beverage machines so they can meet the demands of their customers.

Movie Theatres
The days of offering a simple soda fountain and popcorn machine at movie theatres are long gone. Today, movie theatres around the world offer dozens of choices. From chicken nuggets to hot dogs, many move theatres offer full meals! Additionally, it has become harder and harder to find a movie theatre that does not offer frozen beverage machines that provide Icees or another similar types of frozen drinks.

Convenience Stores
It’s difficult to find a gas station these days that is not connected to a convenience store that offers frozen beverage machines. Customers that stop at convenience stores in search of a cold drink look for a location with several drink options. Many convenience stores feature multiple frozen beverage machines so they can offer customers a wide range of different flavors. Seven-11 offers Slurpees in a multitude of flavors, and frequently introduces new flavors in its frozen beverage machines to keep customers happy.

More and more restaurants are adding frozen beverage machines to their establishments. Frozen beverages can be made with and without the addition of alcohol, which makes the machines a popular choice for restaurants that serve patrons of all ages. According to an article published on the USFoods.com website entitled Chill Out With Smoothies, Shakes and Frozen Drinks, “Regular soda still rules, but made-to-order (MTO) frozen drinks can tap new consumer demands and a thirst for innovation. Frozen beverages include a variety of nonalcoholic beverage types. As the market evolves, operators must continue to make clear distinctions among shakes, smoothies and other frozen beverages so consumers know how to use these beverages to meet their needs as a main meal component, dessert, healthy snack, etc.”

It’s time to consider adding frozen beverage machines to your frozen yogurt shop, restaurant, or convenience store. It’s difficult to go wrong with frozen beverage machines because they are versatile and have the capability of producing treats in just about any flavor.

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