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Most Popular Soft Serve Flavors

Most Popular Soft Serve Flavors

No matter how it’s made, ice cream is one of America’s favorite desserts. Whether it’s brownie a la mode or soft serve in a float, ice cream is loved by people everywhere. Although thousands of ice cream flavors exist, studies show that there are a few staple flavors that are more popular than others, specifically when it comes to soft serve. In this article, we’re going to go over the most popular soft serve flavors that you should be serving at your restaurant, how you can make your own flavored soft serve, and the benefits of offering two flavors of soft serve rather than one.

What is the most popular soft serve flavor by sales revenue?

It’s a no brainer that vanilla soft serve takes the cake when speaking of the most popular soft serve flavor. Vanilla ice cream is so popular that it even has its own national holiday which is observed on July 23rd. The creamy dessert is #1 for good reason, including the fact that it is extremely versatile, can be used as a base for almost any toppings and syrups without being too overbearing, and its ability to enhance other desserts since it matches with virtually anything.

Other popular soft serve flavors include chocolate, strawberry, and twin twists. A twin twist is a combination of two flavors, commonly vanilla and chocolate. Spaceman USA has a variety of machines that offer twin twists like the ones seen here and here

How do you make different flavors of soft serve ice cream?

Although most of us are used to the typical vanilla and chocolate soft serve, you can make soft serve using any flavors you’d like. There are many options on the market for flavored soft serves like the ones seen here. If you don’t want to use a pre-made flavored soft serve, your other options may include mixing a neutral soft serve base with a flavored syrup, fruit puree, or a juice.

Is a twin-twist soft serve ice cream machine worth buying?

There are many benefits to buying a twin-twist soft serve machine. Despite this kind of soft serve machine taking up more room than a single flavor soft serve machine, the machine is a wise investment for many reasons. The number one reason is that it will serve more customers. When you are only selling one flavor of soft serve, typically vanilla, you are assuming that this is the flavor that your customers want, which isn’t always the case. By giving customers an option between two flavors or a twist, it will increase their satisfaction levels. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, you will also increase profits since there are two hoppers, which means more ice cream will be available for purchase.

We hope you take into consideration the most popular soft serve flavors across America, and use this information to set the standards for your restaurant’s menu. By having available the most popular soft serve flavors, along with several options in a twin-twist machine, your customers are guaranteed to be satisfied and eager to try whatever flavors of dessert you’re offering.

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