You Know Customers Love Your Ice Cream Machines…

It’s clear that your customers love your self-serve ice cream machines. They visit your store often. They serve themselves large portions. They happily return to your shop and ice cream machines time and time again. But do they love the toppings that your ice cream shop has to offer? They certainly do. But would they like toppings consisting of freshly baked goodies even more?

What’s on Your Toppings Bar?
If your shop is like many other soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt shops located anywhere in the world, it offers typical toppings: M & Ms, cookie dough, sprinkles, chocolate chips, blueberries, gummy bears, and more. But are these the toppings that your customers really want? Of course they do. These typical toppings sell very well in most soft serve or frozen yogurt establishments. But have you considered offering other types of toppings? How about freshly baked topping options such as warm brownies pieces or freshly baked cookie crumbles?

Fresh Baked Toppings
If your customers enjoy your shop’s ice cream machines, they might favor your shop even more if it offered freshly baked toppings. In fact, adding fresh and warm toppings to your toppings bar might make a huge difference in your sales potential. Not only are fresh baked goods hard to resist, but they pair very well with all ice cream machine flavors.

Test it Out!
If you want your shop to offer something considerably different than other ice cream or frozen yogurt shops in your vicinity, you might want to try adding fresh baked goods to your toppings selection. While this might seem like an overwhelming endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible to test things one item at a time.

What Types of Baked Goods do People Like the Most?
Ice cream machines go very well with a variety of baked goods. While it may not be possible to choose a single baked good that every customer might want to try, there are several that are typical favorites:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Chocolate Brownies
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Banana Bread
  • Oatmeal Cookies

Where to Get Your Baked Goods
Your shop does not have to take on the responsibility of baking its own cookies or brownies. It may be possible to partner with a local bakery that is willing to deliver baked goods to your soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt shop on a daily basis. Featuring a bakery that is a local favorite is a great way to draw customers into your shop. If and when you notice that your customers are filling their bowls with ice cream or frozen yogurt from your ice cream machines, and then topping their frozen treats with the baked goods you have available, you will know the idea is a success!

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