Is there a Reason to Start a Loyalty Program for Your Frozen Yogurt Business?

Is there a Reason to Start a Loyalty Program for Your Frozen Yogurt Business?


Have loyalty programs become a thing of the past? Are people tired of picking up punch cards and keeping them in their wallet for months on end before actually receiving any benefits? The answer depends on whom you ask. When it comes to frozen yogurt and soft serve frozen yogurt machines, there is certainly a large group of froyo fans that love the idea of loyalty programs and seem to respond well to either punch cards or points cards.


What are FroYo Loyalty Program Punch Cards?

Punch cards for frozen yogurt or soft serve are normally the approximate size of a business card – so they easily fit in customers’ wallets. Punch cards are usually free and are distributed to any customer who wants one. Each time the customer visits the store and utilizes the store’s soft serve machines, the card receives one punch. After a certain number of visits/card punches, customers earn something – such as a free cup of frozen yogurt that they can self-serve from the shop’s soft serve frozen yogurt machines. However, sometimes the prize at the end of a full punch card is more valuable – such as a gift certificate for $10.


What are FroYo Loyalty Program Points Cards?

Loyalty program points cards are similar to punch cards, but they work slightly differently. A points card looks  like a credit card rather than a cardboard business card. However, such cards are also designed to easily fit inside a wallet. In most cases, points cards are distributed free of charge to any customer who wants one. Every time a card holder visits your frozen yogurt shop and uses a frozen yogurt machine to create a cup of froyo, the points card is swiped. Points are earned according to the amount of frozen yogurt purchased during each visit. Once a certain number of points accumulate, the card holder earns a discount, a free cup of froyo, or another incentive.


Other Types of Loyalty Programs
There are certainly other ways to develop loyalty programs besides punch cards or points cards. It doesn’t really matter what type of loyalty program a frozen yogurt shop uses so long as the program works. The ultimate goal with a loyalty program is to entice customers to return to your shop and use your soft serve machines as frequently as possible. The more often they return to your shop, the more action your frozen yogurt machines will see – and the more soft serve you will sell.


A Few Things to Remember about Loyalty Programs

First, you want to make sure your shop’s loyalty program is year-round – and especially attractive during your slow season. Second, make sure your incentive is worthwhile. In other words, nobody wants to be rewarded with a coupon good for just 25 cents off the next visit. Finally, make sure to gather a bit of information about your customers when you distribute punch cards or points cards to them. If you have their e-mail addresses, you will be able to send reminders about specials, frozen yogurt machine flavor changes, and in-store events.

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