Fun Facts About Your Frozen Yogurt Franchise

One definition of success for any frozen yogurt franchise is that the world knows all sorts of fun facts about your business. This is something that is difficult to accomplish, but it can certainly be done. While Ben & Jerry’s is well-known for its hard ice cream, did you know that Ben & Jerry’s is also famous for its frozen yogurt? Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt comes in many delicious flavors!

Ben & Jerry’s is a recognizable brand around the world. Every frozen yogurt franchise hopes to reach the same level of recognition and success as Ben & Jerry’s. Following are several fun facts about Ben & Jerry’s that you might not know:

  • From The cow seen on Ben & Jerry’s packages is named Woody, after Woody, the artist who designed him in 1983.
  • From When the shiny, happy ice cream makers at Ben & Jerry’s decide to discontinue your favorite flavor, there are two things you can do: whine about it, or pay tribute to your preferred pint at the company’s Flavor Graveyard.
  • From com: Ben & Jerry’s was originally going to be a bagel company but Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield ended up changing their minds when they found out how much it would cost to get all the needed equipment for making bagels.
  • From com: All of the brownies that are used to make Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half Baked ice creams are baked at Greyston Bakery, a New York enterprise dedicated to providing jobs for the unemployed.
  • From com: Ben & Jerry’s introduces Cherry Garcia® ice cream in 1987. Named for Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia at the suggestion of two “DeadHeads” from Portland, Maine, Cherry Garcia® becomes the first ice cream named for a rock legend.

What about Your Frozen Yogurt Franchise?
Ben & Jerry’s is an incredibly successful business. It is a company that was built on solid principles. It’s a business that any aspiring frozen yogurt franchise can learn from.

If you want your frozen yogurt franchise to reach the same level of success as Ben & Jerry’s, it’s important to learn from the Ben & Jerry’s story. What did the company do right? What did it do wrong? What was the prevalent attitude of the company from the get-go?

Your Frozen Yogurt Franchise Should be Unique
If you want your frozen yogurt franchise to reach the same success level as Ben & Jerry’s, it should offer the public something unique. A large part of Ben & Jerry’s success can be attributed to its dedication to worthwhile charitable causes benefiting humans around the world as well as a multitude of environmental issues. While it might be difficult for a frozen yogurt franchise to reach the same recognition level as Ben & Jerry’s, there are endless opportunities to impact the world in a positive way. Ben & Jerry’s can be seen as a leader in the ice cream and frozen yogurt industry and an excellent example to follow.

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