Commercial Soft Serve Machines Can Transform Your Shop into a Popular Hangout

It’s entirely possible to transform your frozen yogurt shop into a teenager hangout with the help of your commercial soft serve machines. Teenagers are always looking for a fun place to hang out after school, on weekends, and during evening hours – and a frozen yogurt shop is the perfect location. In most cases there are no age restrictions at a frozen yogurt shop, and commercial soft serve machines are able to produce enough froyo to satisfy the hungriest of customers.

When today’s adults reminisce about the most popular hangout spots during their own teenage years, they undoubtedly think about the mall. Twenty or thirty years ago, the mall was always packed with hoards of teenagers that came from all around town. Teenagers knew that no matter the time of day, they’d surely run into people they knew at the mall. Teenagers spent hours upon hours at the mall! They spent money in stores, bought food in the food court, and walked around the  mall aimlessly all day long. The mall was a teenager’s dream!

But modern times call for modern hangout spots. The mall is no longer the most popular place for teenagers to gather and sped their money. According to an article published on entitled, “Teenagers Turning Restaurants into the Cool New Hangout Spots as Malls Die Off, “as malls go the way of the dinosaur, kids these days would rather spend their time and money hanging out and eating food at restaurants than by the mall fountain and shopping at Spencer’s (which yes, still exists, for now), reports Quartz. Teen mall traffic is down by 30% over the last 10 years, according to Piper Jaffray’s 27th semi-annual study into teen behavior. In 2014, teens on average logged 29 trips each to the mall, compared to 38 visits in 2007. And for the first time since the study started, teens are spending more money on food and events than clothing.”


Commercial Soft Serve Machines Must Seize the Day!

Because teenagers are flocking away from traditional malls and instead hanging out at food establishments, now is the time for frozen yogurt shops to use their commercial frozen yogurt machines to take advantage of this growing trend. Restaurants and food establishments are the perfect place for teenagers to hang out because they provide a place to sit, get something to eat, and spend time with friends.

Commercial soft serve machines are highly desirable by teenagers because they allow the customer to eat as much or as little as they want. A teenager with a more restrictive budget can spend a few dollars, and a teenager with more disposable income can spend five dollars or more on their frozen yogurt serving.

If you are hoping to convert your frozen yogurt shop into a go-to spot for teenagers, make sure to design the interior of your establishment so that it is conducive to large groups that want to hang out together.

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