Baseball and Soft Serve Go Hand In Hand

We’re madly in love with spring and summer because those are the times when America’s eyes turn to the national pastime. The first cracks of the bat for this season were heard not too long ago, and now there are games all around the country. You know what else is going to be enjoyed all around the country? Soft serve shake machines.

Since you’re just creeping out of winter, you might think that it’s a bit too chilly to pick up the soft serve chocolate or vanilla, but, come June or July, those frozen treats will become a necessity to keep the eyes on the ball without sweating too much. We believe that frozen desserts are perfect for any time of year, of course.

When you head over to the stadium, you’re going to be greeted with a wide range of choices. There’s food from nearly everywhere in the world. We’re looking at Korean tacos and pork balls from Oriole Park, tantalizing Mexican fare from the Padres, to the astounding Chicago dogs (or, dawgs) that are served at the Cubs’ Wrigley Field. But, you know what all of them have in common? Soft serve ice cream served in helmet cups. There’s nothing that can beat a good soft serve shake machine for generating some profit.

Now those baseball cups can be found at pretty much any stadium in the country. There have been a few crazy people out there who have clocked the miles to collect all of them. We figure that there should be more of them.

What flavors of soft serve milk shake can you get?

Flavors have come a long way! You can get the traditional ice cream flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but you can also land yourself some butter pecan, strawberry, oreo crunch, and more. The best part about soft serve sometimes is the toppings – be it syrups, little nuts and berries, or even more. You’re definitely not limited. And, the best part about it is that the stadiums know it. The more variety, the better.

You don’t have to go to a baseball game to enjoy a lot of the stadium food, of course. There are plenty of soft serve shops opening, and many places are adding soft serve to the menu to add a profit generating machine tot their repertoire. Customers love soft serve because it brings them to baseball and provides a small respite from summer. Restaurants love soft serve because they’re as profitable as the most profitable baseball teams.


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