Soft Serve Machine 6210-C Documents

*You can find your machine configuration / Model ID by locating the name plate sticker either on the side or back panel. The configuration is the set of numbers after the “-” in the Model ID. To ensure proper parts are being ordered for your machine, you must follow this step.

Part ordering
Spaceman offers Maintenance Kits (Six Month Refill) to be purchased through the links below. For any other part requirements, please visit Partstown to order Spaceman parts.
6210-C Maintenance Kit
6210-C Maintenance Kit (six month refill)

Each kit includes supplies to clean and operate your machine properly for six months: two tune up kits, scraper blade replacements, six Spaceman lubricant, 100 packs of sanitizer, and a brush kit.

Subscriptions are charged and shipped every six months – ensuring you never run out of the necessities to keep your machine running.