What to Name Your New Frozen Yogurt Business

Once you make the decision to open a new frozen yogurt business, you will have many things to accomplish before customers come through the door and start purchasing yogurt from your shop’s frozen yogurt machines.

If you decide to open an independent shop (e.g. not a franchise), the preparations will be numerous and will include writing a business plan, finding a location for your shop, selecting and purchasing as many soft serve frozen yogurt machines as you will need, ordering inventory, picking out furniture, decorating the interior, and more. But besides all of these tasks, you will also have the fun job of coming up with a name for your new frozen yogurt business.

Deciding on a Name

When most people think of frozen yogurt, a few things instantly come to mind: numerous flavor choices, a fully loaded toppings bar, and a wall full of self-serve frozen yogurt machines. How are you going to come up with a name for your frozen yogurt shop that conveys all this but also sounds fun, cool, and memorable? When you are thinking of names for your frozen yogurt business, you will want to select one that stands out from the crowd. There are a lot of frozen yogurt franchises and independently owned frozen yogurt shops currently open for business. How are you going to make sure that patrons think of your shop first?

Be Unique. Many of today’s most popular frozen yogurt shops are named after a type of fruit or a drink, such as Red Mango or Yogurtini. If you want to go in this direction for the name of your shop, make sure to come up with something unique. In other words, naming your shop Yellow Mango might not be the way to go.

Use a Single Word or a Play on Words. It’s quite common these days to name a store or a restaurant using one single word or a play on words. Some examples of independently owned frozen yogurt shops  named this way include, “CoYo” and “The Daily Scoop.” These names are catchy and fun.

Brainstorm with friends, business partners, and family members. Plan a meeting and sit down with others who have a personal interest in helping you or an interest in your business and brainstorm name ideas. One option is to visit another local frozen yogurt shop and treat everyone attending your brainstorming session to a bowl of frozen yogurt served from the shop’s frozen yogurt machines. While you are eating your tasty treats, come up with name ideas for your new shop. Nothing will put your group in a better frame of mind for coming up with great ideas than being in the presence of frozen yogurt itself!



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