Can using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine Put You in a Good Mood?

Can using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine Put You in a Good Mood?

They say eating certain types of food can elevate or improve your mood. The following excerpt was published in an article on entitled Can Food Affect Your Mood, regarding this very topic:

The rumor: Chocolate — and other edible goodies — can boost your mood. As a piece of chocolate melts on your tongue, you can literally feel stress leave you and bliss greet you. But is it just a trick of the mind? And what about other foods? Can they help (or harm) your mood?

The verdict: Certain foods can stimulate the happy-making parts of your brain. And other foods have the opposite effect. It’s not your imagination: Chocolate is a known joy stimulant. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, those who drank a polyphenol-rich chocolate drink once daily (the equivalent of 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate) reported feeling calmer and more content than those who did not.


Besides chocolate, we believe that using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine and soft serve frozen yogurt can also boost a person’s mood.

Think about this: When standing stand in line at a frozen yogurt shop or a store or restaurant that has soft serve ice cream machines or frozen yogurt machines, are most of the people in line using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine in good moods or bad moods?

Undoubtedly you will agree that most people who know they are about to eat soft serve ice cream or their favorite frozen yogurt flavor are in good moods. They are excited and filled with anticipation about the delicious treat they are about to eat.

Why Do People Visit Frozen Yogurt Shops and/or Stores and Restaurants that Have Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Frozen Yogurt Machines?

Some of the top reasons that people go out for soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt are as follows:

  • They are hungry for a delicious, cold treat
  • They are celebrating an important occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the 4th of July, or another holiday
  • They are rewarding their children for good grades or another accomplishment
  • They want to do something fun with their family and/or friends

Most People are in Good Moods When they Eat Soft Serve Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
While there might not be any type of scientific evidence that we can reference, it’s a reasonable assumption that the majority of people who are observed using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine  or soft serve ice cream machine are in good moods and are excited about the treat they are about to eat.

With the exception of situations in which young children cry when they are at soft ice cream stores or frozen yogurt shops for reasons NOT related to ice cream or frozen yogurt, most people have smiles on their faces when they are anywhere near using a soft serve frozen yogurt machine ! Adding a soft serve machine or frozen yogurt machine to a restaurant, convenience store, or any other type of food-related establishment is a sure-fire way to put your customers in a good mood!


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