Use Your Ice Cream Machines to Promote Earth-Friendly Practices

In a recent article we asked frozen yogurt shop owners if their ice cream machines were “green.” The article provided several eco-friendly ideas including: offering organic and locally grown toppings, using recyclable sample cups, and asking customers for their ideas on reducing waste in your shop.

This article goes a step further and discusses additional ideas on how to use your ice cream machines to promote earth-friendly practices. In today’s world, working to save the environment is not only a trend – it’s a necessity. An article recently published on the Environmental Leader (Environmental & Energy Management News) website entitled How to Go Green at Your Restaurant contains many useful tips on how restaurants and food establishments can do their best to save the environment while also saving money at the same time.

Following are tips on how your shop can use its ice cream machines to develop earth-friendly practices and do good for the environment:

Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of using your ice cream machines to promote environmental awareness. If the thought of transforming your soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt shop into a zero-waste establishment over night is overwhelming to you, take a deep breath. Nobody said you have to step up your efforts in a single day. Start with your ice cream machines. Get them tuned-up. Make sure they are running as efficiently as possible. Next, tackle another issue of your choosing. Perhaps figuring out a way to recycle your customers used spoons or cardboard ice cream cups is where you want to focus?

Provide recycling bins for trash – and let your customers do the separating. An example of a restaurant that does an excellent job of recycling is Larkburger. Inside of each location, Larkburger “composts 100% of its consumer packaging, including the cups, straws, burger wraps, utensils, napkins and boxes.” Even though Larkburger does not feature ice cream machines, the earth-friendly concept this restaurant employs can apply to any type of food establishment.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big difference. Do you believe that ice cream cups made of biodegradable and compostable materials significantly more expensive than Styrofoam cups? Many of today’s consumers are turned off by Styrofoam containers because they know such cups end up in landfills. In fact, consumers have been known to avoid patronizing food establishments that use Styrofoam.

Utilize digital marketing instead of printed advertisements and flyers. You want to promote your ice cream machines, but you don’t have to use paper! Your shop’s ice cream machines are one of its most important features – so spread the word via social media and various other forms of digital marketing. Digital marketing is important, and it may be the best possible way to promote your shop’s fantastic ice cream machines!


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